About eCO2 Greetings

Why Choose eCO2 Greetings?

-  eCO2 Greetings formed in 2008 and have served thousands of businesses internationally since.

-  Unlike most Corporate E Card suppliers this is our only business.  This is not part time for us, therefore your project receives the fullest attention and industry knowledge.

-  We offer you the tools to design your own Business Holiday E Cards however we can also amend elements beyond your control. 

-  You can be in receipt of your e card in just minutes.

-  We have the largest portfolio of designs appropriate for professional organisations.

-  Our Business E Cards feel like a paper card with turning pages.  You can even add signatures to add that all important personal touch.

-  Cheaper than almost every other leading provider.  Our pricing is very simple with NO hidden extra costs.

-  A dedicated team of support agents to assist you pre & post-sales.

-  Capitalise on the marketing potential of our green message.  10 trees planted with each e card – Our existing customers receive great feedback to this.

-  Our platform offers you the opportunity to market your business at the last minute i.e. even as late as Christmas Eve.

Why Choose Corporate E Cards?

- It’s the modern way to market your business.  Corporate e cards can contain far more information without losing the sincerity of your holiday message.

- Lower cost.  Don’t just add up the cost of your paper cards and postage.  The largest cost is the time it takes for the project to be coordinated and management to sign the cards.  That time could be spent driving your business forward – This opportunity cost is avoided with Corporate e cards.

- Greener.  All businesses are required by society to behave in a more environmentally conscious way.

Features of our Holiday E Cards

ALL Ecards are mobile and tablet friendly - i.e. they will play on iPhones and iPads and other similar modern mobile and tablet devices.

- Choose from 80 professional designs, 40 background pages, 40 music tracks (optional).

- Your company logo

- Upload a signature or supply several signatures to us.  We will scatter around the card to make it look as if it had been passed around the office

- Add links to your website

- Add other corporate details if you like – Telephone number, Slogan

- Have up to 4 pages of your e card.  Customise the page durations

- We will plant a minimum of 10 trees on your organisations behalf.  You can choose to plant more trees if you prefer.  The 3rd page of our card displays this gesture.  This feature gets amazing feedback

- Mention charitable donations your company may have made.  IF your charity consents we can add their logo to the e card

- Amend the font type, size and colour

- We can even build you a bespoke E card for your business:

o   Supply to us your images – Landscape

o   We will discuss your project vision and agree on a direction

o   We can overlay animation to professionally bring to life

o   We will produce iterative drafts until you are happy


How It Works – The End to End Process

- Go to our Design an E Card page.  Here you will notice you are at the first of 4 very simple design steps:

o   Step 1 – Choose your E Card theme.  This is the front page of your Corporate Ecards.  Select to view demos.

o   Step 2 – Choose your background.  This will be used as the insides of your card.

o   Step 3 – Choose your music.  Music is entirely optional.

o   Step 4 – Add your own wording to all pages of the card.  Upload your logo, signatures, amend fonts.

- Preview your designs.

- When you are happy with a design you can save it by registering Free Of Charge.  NB you are under no obligation to purchase your Business e cards you save.  This function allows you to save multiple designs and show your colleagues.  Make unlimited changes to your saved designs.

- Contact eCO2 greetings by phone or email if there is any element of the design you would like us to change.

- When you are happy with your design you can pay online via our Secure payment gateways.

- Sending out your Business Christmas E cards.  You have 2 options to send your cards to your clients:

1)    Send the cards yourself (Most of eCO2 Greetings clients preferred choice).

a.    Send from your marketing platform

b.    Send from an internal centrally coordinated person / team

c.    Forward your Business E cards to your team and inform them that this is the company card and explain how to send out to their own contacts.

2)    Forward your recipient list to eCO2 Greetings.  eCO2 Greetings can send the cards to your recipients on your behalf on the dates you require with the email wording of your choice.  Please see our price list for the cost of this service.

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10 trees planted with every e-card