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Better communications mean better business relationships.

Our range of personal, everyday business ecards allow you do just that. Whether you are showing your appreciation to colleagues or clients, sending your message in an ecard is more engaging, more thoughtful and will surprise and delight.

If a customer had given you a nice order, or a colleague had done some great work for you, how would you thank them and show your appreciation. Just imagine how much more positive that effect would be if you said thanks by sending them an email with a personal thank you ecard.

If you are a manager, how do you motivate your team every day, if you are in HR, how do you make sure staff feel recognised, if you are an account manager, how do you ensure that you customer’s feel valued? Our everyday business ecards can be used in all sorts of occasions to make you stand out, to help you really engage with and impress colleagues and customers.

Here are just a few ideas for when our everyday business ecards can add value to your relationships. As well as occasion specific designs we also have ‘blank’ designs that you can use.

  • Thank You
  • Happy Birthday
  • Motivational Messages
  • Thank you for your order
  • Good Luck
  • Well Done
  • Here Is A Great Deal
  • Congratulations
  • Thought For The Day
  • Retirement
  • Get Well

What you get and how it works?

Our everyday business ecards are 2 pages long, can be fully personalised and are quick, easy and fun to design. Select and design an ecard from our FREE portfolio of everyday ecards and you can download your ecard links immediately and send via email.  To access our full portfolio of everyday ecard designs, you simply need to subscribe to one of our single or multi-user monthly packages. Our FREE portfolio of everyday ecards offers a basic range of designs to try and use as many times as you wish, completely FREE. Monthly subscriptions for our comprehensive portfolio of everyday ecards start from just $16.95 Single or muti-user subscription packages allow complete access to send any ecard as often as you like.

Everyday ecard Features:

  • All everyday ecards can be sent to a maximum of 10 recipients
  • All everyday ecards are mobile device compatible as standard
  • Professionally designed 2 page format with optional music
  • Fast, easy and fun on-line design process
  • Personalise with your message, logo, website and social media links
  • Choice of page and text animations
  • Specific occasion designs as well as ‘blank’ designs with no message for you to complete
  • Ecard links immediately available
  • You send, so your ecard comes from your familiar email address, with any accompanying message you wish to write.

Subscription Accounts:

These start from as little as $16.95 per month. You can have single user or multi-user account for as many people as required. In order to sign up, you must first create a free account and then either:

  1. After login, select the subscription ecards tab and click ‘upgrade to subscription package’, then select the subscription you want from the payment page.
  2. Design an ecard from the subscription portfolio, when complete you will be taken to a credit card payment page where you can select the desired subscription package and make payment.
  3. When you have made payment, we will authorise your subscription account and send you additional usernames and passwords if you have selected a multi-account package.

Sending your everyday ecard:

Please note that each everyday ecard can be sent to a maximum of 10 recipients. If this limit is exceeded, the ecard will not work.

  1. Open your email service and compose a new email to the recipient of your ecard.
  2. Compose a subject line and additional message as required.
  3. In your eCO2 account, select the saved everyday ecard that you want to send and click ‘Send’.
  4. Follow the instructions to highlight and copy your ecard links and then paste them into the email. The ecard will appear as an image with a play button. There will be an alternative text link beneath this image.
  5. Send when complete.


All ecards in the FREE everyday ecard portfolio can be sent whenever you want, as many times as you want, at no cost. All ecards in the Subscription everyday ecard portfolio can also be sent whenever you want, as many times as you want. Monthly subscriptions start from as little as $16.95 per month. Single and multi-user packages available as set out in the pricing table below.

1 User = $16.95 Per Month

5 Users = $54.95 Per Month

10 Users = $92.95 Per Month

25 Users = $189.95 Per Month

More than 25 Users = P.O.A

(Subscriptions have a minimum contract period of 6 months. Monthly payments in sterling may be affected by exchange rates with the dollar). Your payment card will be debited each month that your account is active. You can cancel your subscription at any time after the minimum period with one month’s notice via email. See Terms & Conditions. If you have selected a multiple user account so others in your organisation can design and send their own everyday business ecards, we will hold your registration details as the primary user and provide you with additional login details to distribute to other users, via email

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