Christmas is nigh upon thee! days to christmas Time to create your ecards!

Business Sale

We are always striving to deliver new ecards to add to our already impressive range of business holiday ecards.  This design shows a lovely clear blue sky highlighting the word ‘Sale’ spelt out, using clothes tags hanging down from the sky, each tag resembling its own letter.  This sale is clearly what dreams are made of!  It does without doubt grab your ecard receivers attention, therefore a great way to communicate this amazing sale to your business clients.  With the basic brown label clothes tags, they really stand out on the page against the soft cloud blue sky.  You can add whatever message you like onto each of the 4 screens of your ecard.  You can add a company logo, your company contact details and of course those all-important discount codes!  Why not send this design today and promote that all important sale.  At eC02 Greetings, we like to offer as many options as possible to our clientele.  From the vast range of our ecards, to the versatility of how you build your design, we keep it nice and simple.  Follow just four straight forward steps and your ecard is ready to send straight from your email account.  You literally can create your ecards and be ready to send this in a matter of minutes. Do you need a product to wow your customers this Christmas period? If so then get in touch and you'll soon be enjoying the benefits of our super special e Christmas cards for business.

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