E Christmas Cards For Business

E Christmas cards for business are made simple with our super easy online design tool that makes creating and personalising your seasonal ecards fast, hassle free and great fun. You’ll find everything you need to produce modern, high quality Christmas ecards messages, sent by email, that not only delights your customers but also builds your brand.


We Plant 10 Trees for Every Ecard Ordered

So far, the CO2 that will be offset by the trees we’ve planted is



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The Worlds Greenest Corporate Ecards

Let’s face it, sending business ecards via email is much greener than sending a traditional paper greeting card by post. However, at eCO2 Greetings we go a big step further by planting 10 trees with all corporate Christmas ecards purchased from us, and if you want, you can plant additional trees for a small additional fee. Each tree offsets 1 tonne of CO2 over its lifetime, meaning that your company will have made a significant contribution to reduce its carbon footprint.

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Amazing Business Ecards in Minutes

Choose design

Choose Christmas Ecards

Browse and then select from our comprehensive range of high quality business ecards. Beautiful images brought to life with subtle animation. Find a style that suits your brand and what resonates with you.

Select Music

Musical Business Ecards

Select from a range of classic and contemporary seasonal tunes for your corporate ecards. We’ve dozens to choose from but you can choose to have no music if you would prefer.

Customise ecard

Customisable corporate ecards

We give you complete control to personalize your corporate ecards. You can go to town or just keep it simple - Add your logo, messages, signatures, live web and social media links and much, much more.

Send ecards

Send Business Christmas Ecards

Once you are happy with your business ecards you can purchase online and then copy your ecard into an email to send. We offer lots of guidance on how to do this. We can also send on your behalf for a small fee.

Design an Ecard

Hundreds of e Christmas cards for business to choose from!

Our business ecards are all about professional quality and charm. Each is brought to life with subtle yet realistic animation to delight and draw recipients into the message. We offer a wide portfolio of contemporary classic designs to suit your personal tastes and the culture of your company. Here are just a few of our electronic Christmas cards for business that will come to life with animation with the final product.

Browse Our Portfolio

Looking for more customized business ecards?

If you are looking to produce corporate ecards using your own images, video or sound content, eCO2 Greetings have 2 options for producing customized premium Christmas ecards for your business. Click to learn more or get in touch to discuss.

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Everyday business ecards

Everyday corporate ecards for the workplace

eCO2 Greetings are passionate about the ability of ecards to improve and enhance every day communications with colleagues and clients in the workplace. When professionally presented, every day business ecards offer an engaging, fun and different way to motivate colleagues or strengthen client relationships. Try sending one to a customer or colleague FREE. 

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Why our business Christmas ecards are so green

Carbon offsetting business ecards

Carbon Offsetting

Our business ecards will offset 10 tonnes of carbon, or at least the trees will. So this will go some way towards offsetting the carbon footprint of your business, something that should be permanently at the forefront of your mind.

Social benefits of corporate ecards

Social Benefits

Our e Christmas cards for business allow for the creation of greener more pleasant environments which will spread cheer and a healthier environment for your society. The trees we plant with your card will help to filter pollutants.

eco friendly business ecards

Clean Air & Water

Most of our fresh water flows through woodland and forest areas. These areas also filter our atmosphere by intercepting airborne pollutants, CO2 and other greenhouse gases.



The more trees on our planet, the greater the variety of plant and animal life that can be supported. This rich biodiversity is a fundamental part of the natural balance in our environment. 



Urban sprawl is modern society is a huge problem globally. The green space that is created by the trees planted with your corporate ecards helps to create woodland area that can be used for leisure purposes.

Climate Change

Climate Protection

Global warming is definitely happening. Large portions of society continue to bury their head in the sands. Polar ice caps are melting and are directly related to deforestation so using our business Christmas ecards goes some way to helping.