Email Christmas Cards for Business

Don’t believe in the magic of Christmas?

You will once you’ve used our DIY email card creation tool. Because it’s simple, seamless, and… well… magic. Don’t believe us?

Custom Email Christmas Cards

Sometimes going the extra mile is necessary

Sometimes, the best thing about a gift is that personal message on the tag. It can make a mass-produced present feel entirely personal and handcrafted. Our portfolio of customisable email cards just oozes that extra hint of thoughtfulness. Reach out to your recipients with a personalized card and bespoke animation for fantastic results.

Games For Christmas Marketing

Create a splash this Christmas

Let’s face it – Christmas makes us all feel a little more playful. So why not send a festive email Game to everyone on your business list – naughty or nice – and impress with a customized and memorable gesture? We’re game if you are!

4 Simple Steps To Awesome Corporate Email Cards

We take the stress out of Christmas marketing for your business

Choose Themes

Choose Themes

The first step is to preview and then select your main and background images for your ecard from our extensive, high quality portfolio.

Customise Email Cards

Customise Email Cards

All the tools to personalize your ecard are at your fingertips, from uploading a logo to adding live website or social media links.

Send Emails

Send Emails

Sending your business Christmas email cards couldn’t be easier. We guide you to send them. Or, ask us to send it for you.

10 Trees Planted

10 Trees Planted

After the dust has settled on a successful ecard project we get in touch with our charity partner to plant your trees.

Why Our Cards Are So Green

10 trees are planted with all purchases made


That’s what you get when you design your email cards at eCO2 Greetings. That’s because we plant 10 trees with all email holiday cards for business we sell.

10 tonnes of CO2 are offset over the lifetime of the 10 trees we plant on your behalf. That’s great news for the environment but also great news for your brand because you will have significantly reduced the carbon footprint of your business.

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A Large Portfolio of Email Holiday Cards For Business To Choose From

Our cards are built upon a perfect balance of quality and personality. The cards spring into life with simple yet effective animation to deliver the warm message that all Christmas greetings are about.

Our portfolio offers great diversity should you wish to send an ecard that is modern, natural, traditional or religious. Here are just a few sample animated email cards that will be full of life with your final project.

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Customised Corporate Email Cards

Seasonal emails that will impress your clientele

Our custom card range typically uses your material to deliver that extra personal touch to your audience. Our custom cards for Christmas offer businesses with a bigger budget a great option to deliver something memorable to your users.


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