One of the key benefits of ecards over paper cards is how swiftly and easily they can be distributed via email. Whether you will send your ecard emails yourself (our recommendation) or want us to send them for you, this is an important part of you project to get right.

At eCO2 Greetings we have years of valuable experience at doing just that and the following guidance and advice is based on managing hundreds of projects successfully. Before getting into the detail, let us reassure you on two fronts:

  1. eCO2 Greetings will provide all the help and support you need, whether you send your ecards or ask us to.
  2. You won’t be required to pass cards round the office for everyone to sign, address any envelopes or stick on any stamps!

How your ecard will appear in the email

We feel that your business ecards should be presented in a clear and elegant way in the email. We do this by presenting the ecard as 2 links. An image link which will be a large thumbnail of the front page of your design with a prominent ‘play’ arrow and an alternative ‘click here’ hyperlink, just in case your recipient has chosen not to download images from emails.

Here is an illustration of how your email presents your ecard links:

eCO2 Greetings Tip – Make sure you send a test email to yourself to test that everything works.

The snowy path

eCO2 Greetings Tip – Make sure you write a message to accompany the ecard links in your email. Some spam checks assess the words v images ratio so not writing something could reduce the deliverability of your email.

Your Recipient Email Address Data

As with any emailing exercise, the quality of your data will have a huge impact on the deliverability. Check that you use only the most up to date data, whether you are sending your ecards yourself or as us to do it on your behalf.

If you want us to send them for you, first purchase your ecard and make sure to select the ecard sending fee option. You will then be taken to a page which displays your links that you can copy and paste into any emails you want to send yourself. You will also see downloads of an email order form and recipient data list template. Download both and follow the instructions to complete. When done, email them back to us We will then create and test your campaign before sending it out at the time you have specified.

Avoidance of spam / junk folders

At eCO2 Greetings we realise the importance of email deliverability to our customer’s campaigns. Accordingly, we minimise the risk of our ecards falling into junk folders by only supplying an average size image link (larger sized links threaten the spam criteria of some email server rules) in a standard email. When you think that the majority of business email signature contains image links for logos and social media icons these days, our ecards are no different.

eCO2 Greetings’ card sending service

Whilst it is our firm recommendation that customers send their own ecards, a few clients do not have the time or capability and request that we email them out on their behalf. We charge a nominal fee for this service of £25/$45 and use a leading email marketing platform to send out client campaigns. Within the service, the options provided are as follows:

  • Choice of name in the ‘from’ field e.g. your company name
  • Choice of which email address will receive any replies
  • Choice of email ‘subject’ wording
  • 2 options for message test
  • Choice of date for the campaign to be sent

As we supply this service at a nominal cost to assist customers that cannot send ecards themselves, we are, unfortunately, unable to provide full data reports on the results of these campaign. To do so would substantially increase the costs.

Sending the ecard yourselves – Recommended

Over 80% of our clients select this option which we strongly recommend as sending out your own ecards will achieve the best results. Here’s why:

  1. Recipients are used to receiving emails from you so there will be unlikely that any of your emails will end up in spam or junk folders. If eCO2 Greetings send your ecards or you use an marketing system with a different domain URL to your normal company one then there is an element of risk that some will (more details later).
  2. You will have the opportunity to personalise the email wording exactly as you want.
  3. You will receive any responses directly allowing you to appraise the success of your project and also be able to correspond directly with recipient who will reply to thank you for your fantastic ecard.

eco2 Greetings Tip – If using bcc blind copy to send multiple recipients, sending to large numbers in the same email may appear to some email systems as spam and result your email account being blocked. Sending in relatively small batches of around 20-30 should be fine.

Getting your live ecard links – Immediately after purchasing your ecard, you will be taken to a page where you can copy your live ecard links. You will see an image link and text hypelink (as per the illustration above). Copy both these element by clicking at the end of the text hyperlink and dragging your mouse back over the hyperlink and up over the image link. Both element should now be highlighted. Right click and copy and then simply paste into your email.

Sending from a central email account – If you are reading this then it’s likely that you are the person leading your company’s ecard project and you will probably be the one sending out emails, commonly from a senior manager’s email address or a general office email address such Some companies even create a specific Christmas ecard address to send from. Whilst this method is relatively easy, it can be a bit time consuming and so it’s best to only use this route if you are sending out a relatively low number or emails, unless of course you have the time to do more.

Sending via an email marketing platform – Customers utilising an email marketing platforms such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp have perhaps the most efficient sending method of them all. The key benefits of these tools are that you can send to your whole recipient list in one, view open and click through rates and check which email accounts are no longer good, thereby cleansing your database at the same time. Whilst this is an efficient approach, bulk mailings does introduce an element of risk of emails ending up in junk folders if the recipients mail servers don’t recognise the sending email domain. Here is some guidance on using an email marketing platform to send you ecard emails:

  1. Immediately after completing online payment for your ecard you will be taken to a page with your links. Copy the ecard image by right clicking your mouse whilst it is over the ecard image link (see illustration above). Select “Save Picture As” and save to a location of your choice.
  2. Open your email marketing platform and upload the image to your campaign. There are so many email marketing platforms available that we can’t prescribe the exact instructions for each one but there will be an option to add an image or similarly named feature. Use this to upload the image file you saved earlier and it should appear in your campaign template.
  3. This image now needs a hyperlink so that your ecard will open and play when the arrow on the image link is clicked.
  4. Go back to the page with your image links. Don’t worry if you have navigated away from this page as your links can also be found within your eCO2 Greetings account under the ‘purchased ecards’ tab. to your email account. Open your ecard by clicking on it
  5. Your ecard is hosted on its own unique webpage and you must copy the full website address from your web browsers address bar.
  6. Go back into your email marketing platform, select the image in your draft campaign and then select the option to add a hyperlink. When you find this, simply add the web address you copied earlier and apply.
  7. Your image will now be hyperlinked.
  8. Complete your campaign email in the normal way by adding recipients, a subject line, salutation and a message to go with your ecards and finally, your sign off and signature.
  9. Now you are ready to send your campaign out. Make sure to send a test email to yourself first and check all the links are working.

Distribute links to your colleagues to send themselves – This route is favoured by many of our clients because; their customers are often managed by specific sales/departmental/Partner groups within the business, it delegates responsibility to the main customer contacts and often provides the best results in terms of open rates as the email will come from the most familiar email address within your organisation. Your colleagues will have the relevant contact email addresses meaning that there will be no need for them to send through spreadsheets of data to you. Encourage those sending to write the accompanying email to reflect the relationship they have with their contacts.

Share your ecard with your brand’s social media followers – During the Holiday season, our ecards can help you reach out to clients and others that follow you on social media. It’s a good idea to send some Christmas cheer to people you might forget to reach out to by posting links to your ecard on your social media pages. If it gets shared then you might even gain some welcome new followers!