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Grass, jade, emerald, bottle… vert, grün, verde, zielony or midori… whatever way you say it, ‘green’ is the word on everybody’s lips, and with good reason! Forget a ‘White Christmas’ and go green this festive season with eCO2 Greetings!

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Our ecard platform offers you the widest range of quality designs befitting of your brand.

It’s A Tall Order…

10 trees planted with every order goes a long way

Our Partner

Our Partner

You order the eCards, and we order the seeds with our partner charity American Forests, who plant 10 trees for every eCard sent.

Tonnes of CO2

Tonnes of CO2

A mature tree absorbs around 46lb of CO2 every year. So when you plant 10 of them with a single eCard, that’s 460lb of CO2 being absorbed!

100,000 Tree Target

100,000 Tree Target

Help us reach our target of planting 100,000 trees this year, knowing you’ve been part of something amazing.



The trees we plant help to preserve animal habitats and boost farming in areas stricken by famine.

American Forests

We are proud to support American Forests’ Global ReLeaf campaign.

American Forests is America’s oldest conservation charity, but its work today is more important than ever. Our tree-planting partnership helps to preserve eco-systems in local areas and on a global scale.

We donate our eCard clients’ trees to American Forests’ Global Releaf campaign, which has seen almost 50 million trees planted to date in almost 50 countries. The benefits are as far reaching as our own global customer base would expect.

The Global Releaf programme is about to enter its 25th year, with every new tree planted contributing toward the protection of wildlife and restoration of forests ruined by wildfire, disease, and pests. It even supports the development of agriculture in some parts of the world, where improved drainage can be the difference between a successful crop and a devastating failure.

In creating, designing and placing your order with eCO2 Greetings, you’re not only bolstering your brand and impressing your customers and clients, but you’re safeguarding the future of our planet, and our Christmas trees, one eCard at a time.

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