Company Holiday eCards

Elegant contemporary designs to impress all

Wow your customers this holiday season with a superb animated seasonal greeting ecard. Creating your holiday ecards couldn’t be simpler with our state of the art online design tool.

4 Steps To Great Company Holiday eCards

Our ecard tool takes the stress out of your holiday marketing

Choose Themes

Choose Themes

Begin by choosing the front and insides for your holiday eCards for business – we’ve got a huge range to pick from.

Customise eCards

Customise eCards

Now make it just how you like it! Customize your holiday eCards with branding, message, font, colour and a whole lot more.

Send Ecards

Send Ecards

Ready to go? Great – sending your eCard couldn’t be easier. We’ve given you step-by-step instructions – or you can use our sending service.

10 Trees Planted

10 Trees Planted

Time for us to give back. We will plant 10 trees for every eCard you buy. That’s your cue to feel smug about saving the planet. Enjoy!

Green Company Christmas Ecards

One eCard purchased. 10 trees planted. Untold benefits.

The CO2 produced by sending holiday ecards via email is around 4g. For a traditional card sent by post it’s around 200g. If you do the math, that’s 50 x less CO2 impact from a company holiday ecard!

But we at eCO2 Greetings aren’t just about reducing the bad stuff – we’re into contributing to the good stuff, too. So for every single eCard you purchase, we plant 10 trees, offsetting 10 TONNES of CO2 throughout their life!

Click below to start saving the planet.


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See what our customers say about our Christmas Ecards

Year after year, we hear from our clients that they love the cards and appreciate the eco-friendly nature of our Holiday appreciation.

Erin - Marketing Director

You guys helped us deliver a great ecard project at the 11th hour. Your platform and customer service was second to none.

Derek Jones - CEO

Masses of Christmas eCards For Your Company

We’ve got more designs for company holiday eCards than your Christmas tree has got trinkets. And we keep adding more and more – so the range you can choose from just keeps on growing.

All our holiday eCards for business are up to 3 pages long. It’s down to you to select the design template, including high quality images, music and animations. Then you can personalize your card exactly the way you want it, to match your brand and send out the right message this holiday season.

It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s a no-brainer.


Custom Company Holiday eCards

Create an eCard that is likely to impress

Off the peg, or made to measure? Sometimes, you just need to go for a tailor made fit. And with our options for customized images, video and music, we can provide you with the bespoke answer you need for the absolute best results.


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