Corporate Holiday Ecards For Business

The power to create amazing e Cards is in your hands!

With a huge range of themes, animations, backgrounds and music, there are literally thousands of variations for you to choose from to make the perfect corporate holiday eCards for your business and brand.

Corporate Holiday eCards in 4 Easy Steps

Creating awesome eCards with us is a walk in winter wonderland.

Choose Themes

Choose Themes

Choose the front and insides of your business holiday eCards from our huge portfolio, which is just brimming with premium quality animated designs.

Customise eCards

Customise eCards

Get creative with your corporate holiday ecards however you want. You can upload your logo, add messages, web links and much more.

Send Ecards

Send Ecards

It’s a doozy to send your holiday eCards with our step-by-step guide. Or you can use our optional sending service for a small fee. Your call!

10 Trees Planted

10 Trees Planted

You’re a Super-Treero with eCO2 Greetings. We’ll plant 10 trees per eCards ordered, and you… well, you just sit back and come up with a catchphrase.

The Greenest Business Holiday eCards

10 trees are planted with all holiday eCards

You’re already helping save our planet by choosing an eCard. Sending corporate holiday eCards creates 50 times less CO2 than sending a traditional card by post. Amazing, right?

What’s more amazing is that here at eCO2 Greetings, for every eCard you purchase, we plant 10 trees! Each tree offsets a whole tonne of CO2 over its lifetime – which makes trees pretty awesome, and which makes eCO2 Greetings the world’s greenest holiday eCards for business.

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A Huge Range Of Corporate Holiday eCards

Our designer elves are just unstoppable! A load of fantastic additions have been added to our portfolio for you to choose from – oh no, not just images, but music and animations as well! We’ve re-vamped our online design process, so it’s now even easier to produce your business holiday eCards exactly how you want them.

Need to add multiple signatures? No problemo. Want to add cool personalised photographs? You got it. Our team of elves is always here to help bring your vision to life.

And did you know, you can search through our portfolio by holiday theme and occasion?


Custom Holiday eCards For Business

Make it memorable this year, with a personalized eCard.

You bring the material, and we’ll bring the magic to your holiday business ecard. Send us photos or videos of your staff or local town, and we can create something totally custom and unique to you and your brand.


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