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Custom & Personalized Business Holiday Ecards

Our premium personalized Christmas eCard service is hassle-free, with no hidden fees and a quick turnaround time. Simply provide us with your message, personal imagery and company branding, and we'll send you a personalized Mp4 video to send out to an unlimited number of recipients.

In Our Moment

Celebrate your best moments in this visual spectacle! A wonderful way to showcase photos of the past year in video montage. Add up to 16 images, and a logo to this graceful eCard and make a real impression!

$995 / £600

Inkman Joy

Feel the joy this holiday season with this enchanting ecard. Follow the antics of the Inkman as he brings the delights of Christmas to you and your viewers in this personalised video, add a logo and messages!

$750 / £450

Inkman Gifts

Celebrate the gift of Christmas in this special ecard video. This colourful animation features the Inkman and allows you to add your own personal message and logo.

$750 / £450

Inkman Snowday

Slide into the holiday season with this fun ecard featuring the eponymous hero! Add a logo and message to your very own personalised ecard video and send out some seasonal cheer!

$750 / £450

Vintage Greeting

A nostalgic way to celebrate the festive season and bring some celebration into your ecard with classical cheer! Add your company logo and change the messages to give that extra personalised touch to your ecard video!

$750 / £450

Inkman Holiday Wishes

Swing into Christmas and right through to New Year with Inkman’s latest seasonal celebration ecard. In this outing the ever popular stick-man scales contemporary holiday banners to reveal Christmas Wishes before swinging over to your company logo. A personalized message follows along with some fireworks to complete your season’s greetings!

$750 / £450

Christmas Faces

Christmas spirit, festive spirit, the spirit of giving… well how about sharing a little Team spirit this holiday season? Show the personal side of your business with our cool Christmas Team eCard , with capacity for up to 20 different members of your team to feature!

$995 / £600

Holiday Pop Up

This playful design provides a very unique and fun way for your team to say hi to your clients. Watch the cardboard cut out winter wonderland take shape. Add your own messages to accompany each scene to bring the goodwill and marketing messages to life.

$995 / £600

Inkman Holiday

Deck the halls with lights and Inkman! Our kooky little character is sure to delight everyone who meets him, and you can personalize font, message and even Inkman’s colours to bring your brand to life on this little dude’s mission. A truly unforgettable Christmas eCard.

$750 / £450

Christmas Elves

We have our very own team of eCard elves who work hard producing your awesome cards. Why don’t you Elf yourself and plant your team into this epic eCard. It’s a great opportunity to let your clients know the face behind the voice or the name behind the face. Up to 20 elves can be added.

$995 / £600

Photo Tree

If you are looking for a short yet high impact eCard then Photo Tree is the right purchase for you. In an intense 20 seconds your photographs of staff, your products or photos of anything you like will take the shape of a tree. Finalise the ecard with a short warm yet icy looking message.

$995 / £600

Santa Claus Magic

We ho-ho-hope you love our Santa Claus eCard as much as we do! Remind your clients how exciting it was when Santa tumbled down the chimney on Christmas Eve with this charming customisable eCard. Change font, message, and even the colour of Santa’s outfit to suit!

$750 / £450

Christmas Office

Bring a touch of Christmas class to the office with this elegant black and white eCard, and watch the office get involved in the good wishes. Of course, you can customize whatever you like, from the colours of the background & ribbon, fonts, messages, logo and social media details.

$750 / £450

Seasonal Trees

It’s obvious that we love trees. And for those of you who do as well, this animated eCard is the perfect choice. You can customize this eCard with up to 14 names or seasonal words to really personalize your greeting.

$750 / £450

Christmas 3D Robot

He might be all nuts and bolts, but our Festive Robot generates a real warm and fuzzy glow. Customize his colours and font to match your brand, and add your own closing message to truly personalize this game.

$750 / £450

Christmas Slides

Simple seasonal class just oozes from this eCard as your images and photos seamlessly slide into focus. This eCard allows for a larger amount of content, but still delivers the message in a sleek way. We have a range of seasonal stock images at your disposal if you need them!

$995 / £600

Inkman Trees

Give Inkman a helping hand on his latest holiday mission! As always, our quirky little character is guaranteed to light up your client’s faces with a festive smile. Customize Inkman’s colours to match your brand, and celebrate with a bang with your message and logo on the final page.

$750 / £450

Snow People

What better way to introduce your team to clients than with this fun and friendly customisable eCard? Get to know each other with a welcoming wave from all your staff. Just provide our elves with the photos and messages you want on each page, and we’ll do the rest.

$995 / £600

Christmas Penguins

Is there a person on the planet who doesn’t just adore penguins? Let these boisterous birds animate your seasonal greetings with their cheeky faces and snowboard messages, and add your logo to the gift at the end to make this merry Christmas eCard your own!

$750 / £450

Holiday Blackboard

Whether you scribble a seasonal sonnet or craft a Christmassy carol, this doodling blackboard is sure to delight and deliver the right message! Make this eCard your very own with photos, video clips, logos and a team message to accompany each scene.

$995 / £600

White Christmas

Dynamic and striking, this eCard is certain to impress your clients. You can include a whole host of content, including photos, text, and even accompanying music, and make the right impression with this more traditional but truly stylish eCard.

$995 / £600

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