E Christmas Cards For Business

Professional ecards to power your brand this holiday season

Christmas e cards for business are made simple with our super easy online design tool that makes creating and personalising your seasonal ecards fast, hassle free and great fun.


Custom Corporate Ecards

Looking for something a little more customized for your business?

You will be sure to wow your clients with one of our corporate ecards however if you need something incorporating your own photographs or with a little more humour check out our bespoke ecard solutions


Christmas Games For Your Business

Sending a game to your clients to embrace the fun of the Christmas period.

We have a portfolio of games that can be rebranded and sent to your clients. Check our samples and have a play for yourself.

Professional contemporary designs Professional contemporary designs
Mobile friendly business ecards Mobile friendly business ecards
Award winning support team Award winning support team

Why Our Business Ecards Are So Green

10 Trees planted with every ecard purchased


Let’s face it, sending business ecards via email is much greener than sending a traditional paper greeting card by post. However, at eCO2 Greetings we go a big step further by planting trees with all corporate Christmas ecards we sell.


Each tree offsets 1 tonne of CO2 over its lifetime, meaning that your company will have made a significant contribution to reduce its carbon footprint.


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4 Simple Steps To Create Your Corporate Ecards

Our DIY ecard tool will allow you to create something wonderful

Choose Themes

Choose Themes

Choose from a large range of elegant and contemporary themes of business ecards. Front page styles, insides of the ecard and music.

Customise Ecards

Customise Ecards

Take themes and personalise with your own messaging. Amend the font styles, colours, the animations and even add your website and social media details.

Send Ecards

Send Ecards

Now that you've designed your corporate ecards you are ready to email them out. We make this very easy and effective so that your project is a success.

10 Trees Planted

10 Trees Planted

We plant trees with our partners at American Forests as your electronic Christmas cards for business continue to deliver benefits.


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Speech Marks

Speech Marks

Hundreds Of E Christmas Cards For Business To Choose From

Our business ecards are all about professional quality and charm. Each is brought to life with subtle yet realistic animation to delight and draw recipients into the message.

We offer a wide portfolio of contemporary classic designs to suit your personal tastes and the culture of your company. Here are just a few of our electronic Christmas cards for business that will come to life with animation with the final product.

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Customized Business Ecards

Looking for an ecard with some extra wow factor?

Our standard business holiday ecards come fully loaded. But there’s always a time when you might want something special, like your own images or video. We can work with you to accommodate almost any request.

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Corporate Ecards For The Workplace

Sending ecards isnt just a Christmas activity

For all of our clients who purchase e Christmas cards for business we provide free access to our range of business ecards that can be sent to colleagues or clients to cheer up their day. Wish people good luck, happy birthday, well done or send a motivational message to inspire them. Spending just a couple of minutes to create one can create a last impact on a relationship.

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