Business Christmas Greetings

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We Plant 10 Trees for Every Ecard Ordered

So far, the CO2 that will be offset by the trees we’ve planted is



Each year, these trees remove air pollutants valued at nearly £3 million dollars.

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Quality Templates + Easy Customisation + Fun = Great Business Greeting Cards

Did you know that we are mind readers at eCO2 Greetings? We know that you are looking for fantastic business christmas greetings for your business and we know that you need the process to be nice and easy. Well we know that you are not alone in those feelings and hence why we have developed a wonderfully simple self design process that despite its simplicity still produces magnificent professional business Christmas ecards. Choose your preferred designs and music from a large portfolio and then customise with options on page animations, type your own messages and animate how they appear on the ecard. These are just a few of the options that allow you to customise your ecard to perfection.

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Over 100 electronic business christmas greetings templates

Our ecards are built upon a perfect balance of quality and personality. The ecards spring into life with simple yet effective animation to deliver the warm message that all Christmas greetings are about. Our portfolio offers great diversity should you wish to send an ecard that is modern, natural, traditional or religious. Here are just a few sample business Christmas ecards that will be full of life with your final project.

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Everyday ecards for the workplace

We believe that ecards are a fantastic medium for business communication throughout the year,not just at Christmas time. Our everyday ecard product offers a range of ecards that can be sent to clients and colleagues to communicate events such as good luck, birthdays and well done. The great news is that we offer access to this service for FREE. So why don’t you give it a try now and start strengthening your relationships in a fun way.

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Looking for more customized business Christmas greetings?

You may be looking to purchase ecards that are much more customised than our standard templates we have on offer. We do offer a range of custom ecards that can be used for events such as announcing a new partner to your business or celebrating a particular event such as a company rebrand. If you have a particular idea of what you want then we can endeavour to deliver. Our custom ecard range typically uses your material to deliver that extra personal touch to your audience. We do of course still offer custom business ecards for Christmas to those of you with a bigger budget and are wanting to deliver something memorable to your users.

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Why send e business greeting cards?

To answer this question you should design some of our ecards and that will tell you exactly why business Christmas ecards are now the product of choice for businesses when deciding on their Christmas marketing plan. The quality of the product helps to deliver such a memorable marketing message to a large audience with minimal effort and at a very low cost. At eCO2 Greetings we do of course like to emphasise the environmental benefits of ecards over their paper predecessors. No trees are unnecessarily felled and what is even better with is that we plant 10 trees with every Christmas ecard purchased thus delivering such a positive message to accompany your brand.

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