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Business Holiday e-cards

Mailing out thousands of Christmas greetings to your entire customer base is an arduous, costly and environmentally-damaging task, so it makes sense to take advantage of business ecards to make it much easier, cheaper and greener. By sending your greetings via business Christmas ecards you can minimise the organisational time spent arranging a mail out, substantially slash your costs and cut the environmental impact of tonnes of paper and the posting of your cards. Here's why you should choose eCO2 Greetings:

  • Our transparent and affordable pricing structure with no hidden extras ensures that you can cut your festive greeting costs
  • Boost your company's environmental impact through our commitment to planting ten new trees across the globe for you when you order and we will even promote this within your electronic business holiday ecards
  • Wide selection of designs that allows you to keep your greetings in-line with your branding and key business messages
  • Customise your ecards with images and music to make them interactive and innovative features
  • Professional service including full customer support before, during and after your business ecard campaign

We make sending out your business Christmas ecards as customisable, simple, eco-friendly and affordable as possible, so contact us today and help boost the environment.