Business Christmas Ecards

Delight your customers with a high quality, animated greetings ecard this Christmas. Creating and personalising your business Christmas ecard is super easy using our bespoke, online design tool. It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s great fun too! Upload you logo and signatures, insert live web and social media links. We’ve all the tools you need for a perfect, customized ecard.


We Plant 10 Trees for Every Ecard Ordered

So far, the CO2 that will be offset by the trees we’ve planted is



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Sending business Christmas ecards couldn’t be greener

The world’s greenest ecards. That’s what you get when you design your ecard at eCO2 Greetings. That’s because we plant 10 trees for every business Christmas greetings ecard we sell. 10 tonnes of CO2 are offset over the lifetime of the 10 trees we plant on your behalf. That’s great news for the environment but also great news for your brand because you will have significantly reduced the carbon footprint of your business. 

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Amazing Business Ecards in Minutes

Choose design

Large range of business Christmas ecards

The first step is to preview and then select your main and background images for your ecard from our extensive, high quality portfolio.

Select Music

Choice of music for your business Christmas ecards

You can’t have music in a paper card but in our ecards you can. There’s a range of old favourites and new contemporary seasonal tracks to choose.

Customise ecard

Customize ecards

All the tools to personalize your ecard are at your fingertips, from uploading a logo to adding a live website or social media link.

Send ecard

How to send business Christmas ecards

Sending your business Christmas greetings ecard couldn’t be easier. We guide you to send them. Or, ask us to send it for you.

Design an Ecard

Over 100 electronic business christmas greetings templates

Our ecards are built upon a perfect balance of quality and personality. The ecards spring into life with simple yet effective animation to deliver the warm message that all Christmas greetings are about. Our portfolio offers great diversity should you wish to send an ecard that is modern, natural, traditional or religious. Here are just a few sample business Christmas ecards that will be full of life with your final project.

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Everyday ecards for the workplace

We believe that ecards are a fantastic medium for business communication throughout the year,not just at Christmas time. Our everyday ecard product offers a range of ecards that can be sent to clients and colleagues to communicate events such as good luck, birthdays and well done. The great news is that we offer access to this service for FREE. So why don’t you give it a try now and start strengthening your relationships in a fun way.

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The snowy path

Looking for more customized business Christmas greetings?

You may be looking to purchase ecards that are much more customised than our standard templates we have on offer. We do offer a range of custom ecards that can be used for events such as announcing a new partner to your business or celebrating a particular event such as a company rebrand. If you have a particular idea of what you want then we can endeavour to deliver. Our custom ecard range typically uses your material to deliver that extra personal touch to your audience. We do of course still offer custom business ecards for Christmas to those of you with a bigger budget and are wanting to deliver something memorable to your users.

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The world’s greenest business Christmas greetings cards

Here at eCO2Greetings we support carbon offsetting!

Carbon Offsetting

If you are sending ecards to 1,000 recipients, the carbon impact of your seasonal greeting will be around 4kg, because creating and sending each ecard generates 4g of CO2. Much more is offset by planting 10 trees.

Social benefits

Social Benefits

The more trees in urban areas, the more pleasant and attractive the people who live there feel their environment is. That makes them care and consequently improves the relationships between different communities.

Clean Water

Clean air and water

Woodland and forests intercept and filter airborne pollutants, CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Most of the fresh water we use also flows through these areas where the trees naturally filter water, reducing the amount of treatment required before it is fit to drink.



More trees mean more biodiversity. Both in terms of the actual biomass and the variety of plants and other animals they support, from the smallest insects to the largest mammals. Many of the trees planted by eCO2 on behalf of clients go to habitat preservation projects.



Do you remember climbing trees as kids? Well it is sad to say that childrens these days are starved of woodland areas to play in. Hence, trees planted with your ecards help to ensure there are a few more for them to enjoy.

Climate Change

Climate Change

With direct links to deforestation, global warming is a huge issue the world faces. Trees go a long way to preventing climate change by reducing the oxidants in the air. Our ecards offer a simple opportunity to help.