Company Holiday Ecards

Elegant contemporary designs to impress all

Wow your customers this holiday season with a superb animated seasonal greeting. Creating your holiday ecards couldn’t be simpler with our state of the art online design tool.


Cusomized Holiday Ecards

Premium ecards personalized with your material

Some companies like to send seasonal goodwill messages that offer a more personal tone or impression about themselves. We offer some excellent solutions to allow you to do so.


Games For Your Holiday Marketing

Bring some fun to the season

Sending ecards on behalf of your company is great but why don’t you stand out from the crowd and create a game that will ensure your name is embedded in clients thoughts.

Elegant contemporary designs Elegant contemporary designs
Mobile friendly company ecards Mobile friendly company ecards
Award winning support team Award winning support team

Green Company Christmas Ecards

10 trees planted with every purchase


The CO2 produced by sending ecards via email is around 4g. For a traditional card sent by post it’s around 200g. If you do the math, that’s 50 x less CO2 impact from a company holiday ecard!

Great, but not good enough for us because we also plant 10 trees on behalf of every ecard customer. I tonne of CO2 is offset by each tree planted so that’s a massive 10 tonnes of CO2 your company will be saving by using our service – cool or what!


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4 Steps To Great Company Holiday Ecards

Our ecard tool takes the stress out of your holiday marketing

Choose Themes

Choose Themes

To start your holiday ecards for business, you can choose front and background page designs from our extensive range.

Customise Ecards

Customise Ecards

Now you can customize your holiday ecards just the way you want it with your branding, messages, fonts, colour and a lot more besides.

Send Ecards

Send Ecards

When you are ready to send your ecard we give easy to follow instructions or a platform for us to send the ecards.

10 Trees Planted

10 Trees Planted

Finally, your trees will be planted in global campaigns to tackle reforestation. That's your cue to feel smug about your good work.


See what our customers say about our Christmas Ecards

Erin - Marketing Director
Speech Marks

Helping us stand-out

Year after year, we hear from our clients that they love the cards and appreciate the eco-friendly nature of our Holiday appreciation.

Erin - Marketing Director

Speech Marks

It's never too late.

You guys helped us deliver a great ecard project at the 11th hour. Your platform and customer service was second to none.

Derek Jones - CEO

Masses of Christmas Ecards For Your Company

Over the years we have developed a huge portfolio of designs for company holiday ecards. This year we have added more to make your choice even greater.

All our ecards are up to 4 pages long. You select the design template including the highest quality images, seasonal music and beautiful animations and then personalise and brand your ecard exactly the way you want it. Our portfolio includes, Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving holiday themes as well as other occasions.

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Custom Company Holiday Ecards

Create an ecard that is likely to impress

Off the peg or made to measure? We recognise that sometimes you want to be able to have something tailored with specific images, video or music or just want something bespoke and exclusive to make the maximum impact.

See our Selection

Everyday Company Ecards

We provide free access to all Christmas clients

We have developed a whole new portfolio of ecards you can use every day to send to those you work with, both customers and colleagues. There are all sorts of messages that can benefit from being said via an ecard from ‘thank you’ to ‘great job’. The more you build recognition of your customers and colleagues, the more you will get back from them.

See our Selection


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