Christmas Ecards for Business

Creating the perfect Christmas ecard for business should be simple, fast and fun! That’s exactly what you get with our super easy online design tool that allows you to select from a huge range of themes, music tracks, background pages and animations before personalizing with your seasonal messages, live web and social media links and much, much more.


We Plant 10 Trees for Every Ecard Ordered

So far, the CO2 that will be offset by the trees we’ve planted is



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Our Christmas ecards for business couldn’t be greener

It’s a fact that in terms of the amount of CO2 created, traditional paper greetings cards are much less eco-friendly to create and send by mail than ecards by email. So by choosing to send Christmas ecards for your business, you are already on the right track. By choosing an ecard from eCO2 Greetings, however, you get a whole lot more because we plant 10 trees with all Christmas ecards for business we sell and every tree planted actually offsets 1 tonne of CO2 over its lifetime. 

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Amazing Business Ecards in Minutes

Choose design

Portfolio of Christmas ecards to choose from

First of all you browse, preview and then select your front and background page from or huge range of high quality animated Christmas ecards.

Select Music

Choose your music for your Christmas ecards

Next you add music (if you want) to compliment your ecards. Feeling classic or contemporary? Select from dozens of seasonal music tracks.

Customise ecards

Customisable Christmas ecards for business

Upload your logo, compose your seasonal messages, adjust the typeface, font and colour and much more. Our online tool puts you in complete control.

Send ecard

Send Christmas ecards for business

Having paid for your ecards online, we make it simple to copy your ecard links and paste them into your email to send out. Or use our sending service.

Design an Ecard

Over 100 professional corporate Christmas ecards templates

The choice of Christmas ecards for business just got bigger with many new additions to our 2014 portfolio. Not just new images but new music and animations as well. Together with the new on-line design process you’ll be able to create your corporate Christmas ecards exactly as you want them. You want multiple signatures - no problem. Use your own photographs - we can do that too. Our customer support is always ready to help. And to make things even easier, you can now search our portfolio by holiday theme and occasion. Click below and take a look.

Browse Our Portfolio

Looking for more customized Christmas ecards for business?

Every customer is different and has a unique set of requirements to make their project perfect. That’s why we provide 2 options to have a more customized corporate Christmas ecard with specific visual and audio content. If you want to take either option, please get in touch.

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Everyday business ecards

Ecards for everyday business use

Many of our customers send personal ecards to friends and family privately, so we thought, why not provide a range of everyday ecards for business? Even better, let’s make them absolutely FREE to use. After all, we want to recognise the contribution of those around us at work, both customers and other members of staff and a personal ecard can be just the way to do it so that your message hits home. Our everyday business ecards are 2 pages long and customizable just the way you want. Take a look and if you like, send your first one right now.

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The world’s greenest Christmas ecards for business

Here at eCO2Greetings we support carbon offsetting!

Carbon Offsetting

Creating and sending an ecard to each recipient generates approximately 4g of CO2. So, if you are sending to 1,000 recipients, the carbon impact of your seasonal greeting will be around 4kg. By planting 10 trees, however, 10 tonnes of CO2 is actually offset.

Social benefits

Social Benefits

Woodland and forest areas provide many different opportunities for recreation. They are where we like to visit, walk and just be outdoors. Consequently, the quality of life of the people who visit and use them is enormously improved.

Clean Water

Clean air and water

Trees breathe in CO2 and other pollutant gases and breathe out oxygen. They also help prevent soil washing into rivers and lakes, choking water supplies. Trees are good. That’s why we plant lots of them on your behalf with your Christmas ecards.



All trees are planted through our long term conservation partner, American Forests. They are planted as part of their Global ReLeaf programme which supports around 30 major tree planting projects each year. Several of these projects are designed to protect endangered wildlife habitats.



With urban sprawl in modern society meaning that we have less natural space to enjoy, we owe it ourselves and our children to ensure that unnecessary deforestation doesn’t occur. More trees to view and for kids to climb can only be a good thing, right?

Climate Change

Climate Protection

Deforestation is linked to climate change so the 10 trees planted with your Christmas ecards for business are just small but very worthy contributor to the battle against climate change that we need to take seriously.