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We Plant 10 Trees for Every Ecard Ordered

So far, the CO2 that will be offset by the trees we’ve planted is



Each year, these trees remove air pollutants valued at nearly £3 million dollars.

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Quality Templates + Easy Customisation + Fun = Great Business Holiday Ecards

Whether you are exploring corporate holiday ecards for the first time or are an experienced user, your objective is to create something great for your company. We know how important holiday ecards for business are, so we make it simple and easy for you to get it right first time and also enjoy the process along the way. Our new self-service design process has the most comprehensive, easy and fun-to-use set of tools to help you create the perfect business holiday ecards. Build your own template from hundreds of choices in design, music and animations – then personalise it, however you want – from group signatures to social media. You can get as creative as you like whilst staying in complete control. Why not click below and give it a go!

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Over 100 professional corporate holiday ecards to choose from

The choice of business holiday ecards just got bigger with many new additions to our 2015 portfolio. Not just new images but new music and animations as well. Together with the new on-line design process you’ll be able to create your corporate holiday ecards exactly as you want them. You want multiple signatures - no problem. Use your own photographs - we can do that too. Our customer support is always ready to help. And to make things even easier, you can now search our portfolio by holiday theme and occasion. Click below and take a look.

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Business Ecards are not just for the holiday season

Ecards are very much an active part of all year round communication in business! There are opportunities every day to improve your working relationships with both customers and colleagues by using our everyday ecards to make your message stand out. Why not try them out. They’re FREE! Whether you’re in Sales, Customer Service, HR or managing a team, you can say thanks for your order, well done on a great job, congratulations, let’s do this or any other message you want, in an everyday ecard. Why not try designing one now? We give free access to our full portfolio for customers purchasing our holiday ecards for business.

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Looking for more custom business holiday ecards?

Like buying a car, when it comes to specification, our standard business holiday ecards come fully loaded. But there’s always a time when you might want something special, like your own images or video. We can work with you to accommodate almost any request and also have a developed a range of custom templates for corporate holiday ecards with that extra bit of wow factor. We also have a new range of templates for corporate announcements throughout the year, whether you want to communicate an office move, new Partner, conference invitation, website or product launch, we can work with you to provide cost effective and impactful ways to get your message to everyone who needs to hear it. Check out our new templates for 2014.

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Why choose holiday ecards for business?

More and more business are opting for the cost efficiency, reduced environmental impact, creative and time saving benefits offered by high quality holiday ecards for business. eCO2 greetings offer the very best corporate holiday ecards available and additionally plant 10 trees with every purchase, providing customers with a unique opportunity to showcase their green credentials. Our flexibility to incorporate bespoke design and audio elements and our brand new custom holiday ecard templates, mean there is no request we can’t manage. We also take the greatest care over supporting customers throughout the whole process, from selecting and designing their ecards, to sending them to recipients.

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