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Corporate Holiday e-cards

Sending festive greeting cards to current and prospective business clients is a great way to cement and build corporate relationships, but if you are worried about the environmental impact of this then you have come to the right place. At eCO2 Greetings, we are committed to not only providing the highest quality electronic holiday cards that are perfect for our thousands of B2B clients, but also to help preserve the health of our environment.

As organisations look to cut their carbon footprint they are increasingly turning to business holiday ecards that don't use up forests of paper or need transporting across the globe. Better than just drastically reducing the effect of your mailing lists environmental implications we will also plant ten new trees, which will be outlined on your ecard in order to fully demonstrate your organisations green ethics to all of your clients. Obviously, in todays' climate, it is vital to choose a business that dovetails perfectly with your business ethos; here are just a few of the reasons why our corporate holiday ecards are ideal for your organisation:

  • Quality guaranteed - ecards are our sole business, so we put endless time and effort into designing them to ensure we have a range of specialist corporate holiday ecards that are perfect for all organisations and make sure your brand remains strong
  • Working for you - Our service is formed around our clients' needs and we have one of the easiest to use platforms to enable you to quickly, reliably and simply design and complete your holiday ecard. We will even enable you to arrange your festive greeting as late as Christmas Eve
  • Fully customisable - Your business is unique, so we offer the ability to tailor your electronic holiday cards down to the finest detail with personalised touches
  • Eco-friendly - We've planted thousands of trees for our client base and have made a sizeable impact on reducing the effects that global warming has on the planet
  • No hidden extras - All of our costs are transparent, so you will know upfront the full price of your mailing and never be stung with hidden costs during purchase

Promote your commitment to slashing your carbon footprint by choosing ecards with us and giving something back to the environment today.