Holiday Ecards for Business

Holiday ecards for business have never been easier with our unique, on-site design tool where you can create and customize a superb, animated seasonal greeting that your customers will love. With our wide range of themes, animations, background pages and music tracks, you have over 250,000 variations to choose from to make the perfect holiday ecards for your business and brand.


We Plant 10 Trees for Every Ecard Ordered

So far, the CO2 that will be offset by the trees we’ve planted is



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Sending business holiday ecards couldn’t be greener

Fact: Sending ecards creates 50 times less CO2 than sending a traditional paper card by post. But at eCO2 Greetings, we don’t stop there. We plant 10 trees on behalf of each customer buying their corporate holiday ecards from us. This makes eCO2 Greetings the world’s greenest holiday ecards supplier for business as each tree offsets 1 tonne of CO2 over its lifetime.

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Amazing Business Ecards in Minutes

Choose design

Business holiday ecards portfolio

First, select the front and inside pages of your business holiday ecards from our extensive portfolio of premium quality, animated designs.

Select Music

Add music to your corporate holiday ecards

Next choose a music track to compliment your holiday ecards (optional). Select from our range of classic and contemporary tracks.

Customise ecards

Customise your holiday ecards for business

Then you can customize your corporate holiday ecards however you want. You can upload your logo, add messages, web links and much, much more.

Send ecard

Sending Your holiday ecards for business

Finally, when you have paid online, you are provided with simple guidance to send out your holiday ecards or use our optional sending service for a small fee.

Design an Ecard

Over 100 professional corporate holiday ecards to choose from

The choice of business holiday ecards just got bigger with many new additions to our 2015 portfolio. Not just new images but new music and animations as well. Together with the new on-line design process you’ll be able to create your corporate holiday ecards exactly as you want them. You want multiple signatures - no problem. Use your own photographs - we can do that too. Our customer support is always ready to help. And to make things even easier, you can now search our portfolio by holiday theme and occasion. Click below and take a look.

Browse Our Portfolio

Looking for more custom business holiday ecards?

Our standard business holiday ecards come fully loaded. But there’s always a time when you might want something special, like your own images or video. We can work with you to accommodate almost any request. Learn more or call us to discuss.

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Everyday business ecards

Business Ecards are not just for the holiday season

Ecards are very much an active part of all year round communication in business! There are opportunities every day to improve your working relationships with both customers and colleagues by using our everyday ecards to make your message stand out. Why not try them out. They’re FREE! Whether you’re in Sales, Customer Service, HR or managing a team, you can say thanks for your order, well done on a great job, congratulations, let’s do this or any other message you want, in an everyday ecard. Why not try designing one now? We give free access to our full portfolio for customers purchasing our holiday ecards for business.

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The world’s greenest Holiday ecards for business

Here at eCO2Greetings we support carbon offsetting!

Carbon Offsetting

In an ideal world, all the CO2 we create though our activities would be offset by initiatives that actually reduce CO2. This is called being carbon neutral. By planting 10 trees, we offset 10 tonnes of CO2 for your business, helping you move closer to being carbon neutral.

Social benefits

Social Benefits

The more trees planted in urban areas, the more positive and pleasant the environment becomes, encouraging good relations and behaviour between the communities that live there. All because you chose the worlds greenest business holiday ecards.

Clean Water

Clean air and water

If our environment is like an engine, trees are the natural filters for the air and water in it. Everyone knows what happens to an engine if you do not change and replenish the filters.



Each year, some of the programmes our trees are planted in are there to protect specific habitats where a wooded or forest environment if essential to species survival, such as for the tigers and orangutans in Sumatra.



Our corporate holiday ecards and the trees planted with them help to create woodland that all of society can enjoy. Walking, climbing and extreme sports are all fun activities that trees afford us.

Climate Change

Climate Protection

United Nations scientific studies confirm that climates are increasing and are close to being on an irreversible slide. Without scaring you with the facts of what life could be like, consider how our holiday ecards can help.