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5 Ways to Introduce Greener Protocols into Your Office

Creating a green profile is something most businesses can benefit from looking into. It means developing a strategy to make an organisation as eco friendly as possible in a business environment where things like low carbon protocols and resource management can count for a lot.
Our green profile is something we’re really proud of because we believe it doesn’t just help our reputation and the environment, but also your reputation too.
Did you know 10 trees are planted for every eCO2 greeting sent? Those 10 trees will offset 10 tonnes of CO2 in their lifetime. That promise is a big part of our green profile, and we urge our clients to pass the message on to the recipients of the corporate e cards sent via our service.
So, there’s one way to boost your eco credentials. Here are five more!

1. Go paper-free
It’s what our business holiday ecards are designed to suit perfectly – banishing paper! Cutting paper and printing out of the life-cycle of your office can help minimise costs and waste as well as reducing the carbon footprint of your company.
2. Offer lift-shares and bicycle/on foot incentives
Travel creates a carbon footprint. Encouraging your employees to travel either as part of a lift share scheme or by bicycle/on foot is a great way to promote greener ethics that could reach into your employees personal lives too, e.g. their general health when cycling instead of taking the car.
3. Reuse and Recycle
Things like notepads made from scrap printer paper are great ways to make the most of the resources in your office. Why not set some recycling goals to aim for as a team? Something like reducing non-recyclable waste by 50% over several months, perhaps?
4. Source ethical suppliers
We’re an ethical company with great green credentials. And there are plenty of others out there offering services like parcel delivery, web design and just about everything else your business needs to survive, and all under the banner of being green.
5. Avoid the Standby setting
Hidden power consumption isn’t just a drain on the earth’s resources, it’s going to cost you too. The Standby setting on most devices doesn’t reduce the power consumption enough to warrant using it instead of the off switch. Many devices still draw on 20-30 watts when on Standby.
A great way to encourage staff to switch electronics off at the end of the day is to use a power strip that can be turned off at the wall using a single switch. This way an entire computer system can be switched off safely and effectively without fussing over individual plug sockets.

Creating a green profile for your company is a great way to make your environmental ethics clear to everyone, suppliers to clients. Beginning right there in your office with those five easy steps is a superb starting point and could mark the beginnings of an incredibly successful eco campaign.
Every business needs to pay attention to it’s effect on the environment, including yours and ours.

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