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An Eco friendly Way to Send Christmas eCards

Approximately three billion Christmas cards end up in the bin on an annual basis in the UK, and this ultimately leads to the deforestation of thousands of trees. Therefore, it’s imperative for individuals and organisations across the UK to ensure they opt for environmentally friendly methods to wish someone a merry Christmas.

E Cards to Suit Your Image

At eC02 Greetings, we care about our planet, which is why we can provide an array of high quality email Christmas cards for business. We have an array of styles to choose from but also allow you to design an E Card themselves, and we can even design a bespoke E card for you to suit your vision. Therefore, you can rest assured that we can provide business ecards to suit the image of your company.

Save the Planet, Save Money

As well as being a great way to ‘go green’, our business Christmas E Cards are a much cheaper alternative to traditional cards. So, not only will you help save the planet but you’ll save some money, too. You’re also showing your clients and customers that you care about the planet and take your responsibility very seriously, and this could help to increase interest in your brand.

Time Saving E Cards

Business Christmas E Cards are also a great way to save time, as you can order the greetings well in advance and know that they’ll be sent out to your clients on schedule. Traditional cards are a little different, as print cards are only released during selected times and it means you’d have to wait until they were released for sale. The postage of sending traditional cards will also add to your carbon footprint, as they’ll be delivered across the country. With business E cards you could order them in January and know they’ll be sent out online to your clients by December. So you won’t have to worry about the cards and can focus on other business areas. Also, even if you forget to send an e card until the 24th December then you can contact us and we’ll send them to your recipients as soon as the design is complete.

Our Pledge

We’re more than just an E Card company as we take our environmental responsibility very seriously, which is why we promise to plant 10 trees for each corporate card sold with the help of our E Forest. So, you’ll cut back on paper waste and be helping the rainforest to flourish when you come to us here at eC02 Greetings.

We have the largest portfolio of designs for professional companies, and our business e cards appear like a normal card except for the fact they’re not made from paper – you can even add a signature for a more personal touch.

So, for an effective seasonal marketing campaign and to reduce your carbon footprint, contact us today to discuss your E Card requirements.

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