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E Christmas cards for business explained

More and more companies are taking advantage of e Christmas cards for business so if you don’t want to get left behind, now might be the time to investigate your options.

These innovative electronic messages are the perfect way to wish your customers well and they can be an effective means of bolstering loyalty among the people who buy your goods or services.

What are they?

However, before you go ahead and invest in these E cards, you’ll no doubt want to know exactly what they are. In principle, they’re the same as old-fashioned paper-based greetings cards in that they have attractive front covers and they can be opened up to reveal messages.

The difference is, they are virtual as opposed to physical. Recipients receive them online. Of course, rather than sending them through the post, this means you email them to recipients.

The future

It’s no surprise that these electronic cards are proving such a hit among businesses and consumers alike. Awareness of environment issues is rising all the time and, in light of global warming, paper-based greetings messages can seem crass and irresponsible.

In contrast, by sending corporate Christmas ecards, firms can show that they are mindful of environmental issues and are doing their bit to reduce their carbon footprints.

Other advantages

The benefits associated with E cards don’t end there. These messages can also be much cheaper, and this might be something that appeals to you if you’re operating on a limited budget.

Also, they can be quick and simple to send. In the past, you may have wasted hours of your own time or your workers’ time writing cards and then stuffing, addressing and stamping envelopes. As the old adage goes, in business, time is money.

As long as you choose the right provider, you can rest assured that the process of creating and sending E cards is quick and simple.

Come to us

Here at eCO2 Greetings we’re experts when it comes to these creations and should be perfectly placed to help you. Unlike most corporate E card suppliers, we specialise in electronic greetings cards. This is not part time for us, meaning we have all the expertise and focus required to ensure your project fulfils its potential.  And here’s the best bit, we even plant 10 trees with every purchase.  To know more about our eco friendly ecards explore our site.

We offer you easy-to-use and effective online tools to design your own cards and within minutes, you can be in receipt of your very one E cards.

Meanwhile, we have the largest portfolio of designs for you to choose from, meaning you won’t struggle to find versions that perfectly suit your customers. We even enable you to add signatures for that all-important personal touch.

In addition, we’re cheaper than almost every other leading provider and our pricing system is simple, so you won’t be hit by hidden extra costs.

More info

If you want to find out more about our E cards, just take a look around the rest of our website or get in touch with our friendly and professional team by phone or email.

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