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Everything is done for you with out ready made ecards. All you have to do is put in your own unique content and choose who to send it to.

eCO2 Business ECards More flexible than you think

Many of our customers regularly ask how our product can meet their bespoke requirements.  We have built a market leading Business ECards that is unrivalled in its pricing and its ability to offer the ability to easily design your own Professional marketing tool.

Providing you that simplicity means that we simplify your options.  Unfortunately that means some options that some customers may want are not available. However, our product offers the opportunity to accommodate many of your bespoke requirements: Charity Logo / Donation: Some companies wish to advertise a charitable donation on the card.  You can type in the Slogan box or the thankyou message to achieve that in writing or even create an image that contains your logo and your charities (with their consent).  NB as long as the image is within the 350 x 150 pixel dimensions you can upload anything. Directors Signatures: Why note upload an image with your logo and your directors signature below it?  eCO2 can help to create the image with you. I have no company Logo: Just upload a blank image or upload a Christmas image e.g. a sprig of holly. I would like to say Seasons Greetings in numerous languages: Why not use the thank you message box and type anything you like in here.  eCO2’s suggestions are merely to help you. I want the front page blank: Simply type a space in the box available in the welcome message. If you have any other bespoke questions please do not hesitate to ask us.  However, the current design does offer a simple yet powerful marketing tool, especially by demonstrating your environmental awareness by planting 10 trees with us. eCO2 Greetings Business ECards offer your business everything you need to differentiate yourselves when communicating to your clients.

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