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Business ecards July discounts ending soon

For many organizations around the world it is often a rush in November and December to arrange your holiday ecards for business.  Business ecards offer you a lower effort marketing solution that mean that even in December there is ample time to coordinate your Christmas marketing needs.

Nevertheless eCO2 Greetings offer you the tools to custom design your business ecards at the last minute because our user friendly functionality allows for such speed.  We also allow you to Custom design your ecards months in advance of the holiday season.  You can design multiple e cards, save them and purchase whenever you are ready.  We understand that there are peaks and troughs in workloads so marketers can collect our product whenever they like.

There are currently 3 days left to our July 30% discount.  You can purchase your business ecards now and come back to them in your user profile at any time later.  You will even get to take advantage of our exciting new functionality which will be released to our website in approximately 4 weeks time.

So to summarise why would you purchase now:

A 30% cost saving on our holiday ecards for business product you are already happy with should not be ignored whilst in the midst of a global recession.

  1. You will still get the full use of new functionality.  The functionality will build upon the worlds market leading custom design Business E Cards.
  2. You can rest easily knowing that your holiday marketing is catered for.  It will no longer be on that nagging to do list.
  3. Having ticked off your to do list you will be free to invest your time in other profitable marketing ventures.

If you would like to know more about the up coming functionality you will benefit from please do not hesitate to contact us.

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