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Forest lost vs. forest gained: Where is the world losing the most trees?

We constantly see the destruction of nature and wildlife caused by the actions of humans and it’s no surprise that global warming is getting increasingly worse.

Despite the fact that over 25 years, there has been a net loss of 129 million hectares of forest worldwide, there has also been an increase in tackling for change and gaining more forest than what we thought.

Back in the 1990’s, an experimental conservation that got abandoned almost went by without recognition. A juice company dumped 1,000 truckloads of orange waste and peel in a Costa Rican rainforest in order to help bring it back to its once revitalised, replenished and healthy environment. Recently, the conservationists have returned and the rainforest is budding with life and creating numerous habitats for an array of animals to live – not to mention the oxygen it’s giving out!

Eco2 Greetings have researched into the amount of forest gained and lost over the last 25 years and created a map which shows just how many hectares have changed.

These are the countries that have gained the most forest:

  1. China: 511,807 sq km
  2. USA: 76,460 sq km
  3. South Sudan: 71,570 sq km
  4. India : 67,430 sq km
  5. North America: 64,410 sq km

These are the countries that have lost the most forest:

  1. Brazil: 531,670 sq km
  2. Indonesia : 275,350 sq km
  3. Sudan: 115,173.7 sq km
  4. Nigeria: 102,410 sq km
  5. Myanmar: 101,770 sq km

There are many reasons to protect forests: oxygen, the protection of ecosystems, supporting biodiversity, increasing soil enrichment, regulating the water cycle and giving animals a place to nest. So, it is of utmost importance – as a planet- to keep them as healthy and untouched as possible.

Official figures state that over the last 25 years, the world has lost the rainforest equivalent of 1,000 football pitches with the statistic fastly depleting. Although we’re still gaining forest we must make positive steps toward having a greener, better life and an oxygenated world to live in.

Annual global greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by as much as 30% if we reserved tropical deforestation – just one of the reasons to help protect forests.

View the full infographic here.


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