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Light sensors for light only when you need it #OneWorldChange


Tip – Fit motion sensors to your lights to keep an EYE on your power. #OneWorldChange

motion light sensor

Many modern lighting units have built in motion sensors so that whilst they deactivate after a period where there is no motion, they can immediately reactivate as soon as movement is detected. However, motion sensors can also be fitted to existing installations, reducing the cost of providing this power and environmentally friendly feature. Timers can also be fitted for when you know that the lights will not be used at certain times.

The kind of areas to your business that would benefit from these sensors are meeting rooms and theatres, infrequently used areas, corridors, canteens etc. These devices have a high return on investment. If deciding to fit them in your company, have a look at making sure you have a look for any bulbs that could be swapped out for more energy efficient ones for the same luminosity.

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