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Make Customers Smile with Business Ecards


Something personal can make your customer feel valued and therefore more likely to engage with you. It shows that you like them and that you care enough to produce something that seems just for them. If you can make them smile, all the better.
More often than not, using humour positively in any marketing campaign is a good thing, and according to it produces greater effects than simply using the serious approach.
Sending business ecards is the perfect opportunity to get your client or customer to smile.
• First of all, if someone smiles at what you say or do, you are building something valuable – a rapport.
• Secondly, it makes people remember you.
• Thirdly, it sets you apart from your competitors.  We have delivered some amazing holiday ecards for business in recent years where some clever use of humour has elevated the success of the project.
Unless you work for a funeral parlour, there’s not a business on the planet that doesn’t think that injecting a little humour now and again can have pretty good benefits.  In fact I would nmuch prefer that a funeral parlour did use humour when dealing with death because it reminds us of life being here to be lived.
So, how do you bring a smile to your client’s face with business ecards? Here are our top five tips:
1. Be creative. Don’t settle for the same old tired jokes, have a brain storm and come up with something new that your customers will appreciate.
2. Keep it simple stupid. If it goes on for too long then the chances are your customer won’t finish reading it, even if they really, really, really, like you. Short, humorous, punchy. Keep to that and you won’t go far wrong.
3. Keep it consistent. You have a brand and the joke/humour should be related or in tune with that brand.
4. Be careful who or what you make fun of. If you are picking a target to poke fun at then make sure that you are not offending any of your customers. In other words, the joke needs to appeal and not cause people to wince, shake their head or otherwise feel you have said something wrong.
5. Be selective. Sarcasm often performs poorly when used to create humorous marketing, because it’s seen in a negative context. In other words, be creative but don’t try to be too clever.
Yes, there are some pitfalls when you use humour, especially in something like a holiday ecard for business. But, done properly, bringing a smile to your client’s face can have major benefits and ensure your corporate ecard campaign is a success.

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