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The Misconceptions of Going Green

When businesses consider going green, there can be all sorts of reasons they find not to do so. Cost, don’t know where to start, think it’s a PR stunt and so on.

But that just misses the point. Businesses are now expected to make more of an effort to protect the environment, by staff, new hires and clients. Unfortunately, many businesses still fall into the same old misconceptions of going green.

So, eCo2 Greetings is here to debunk the myths and misconceptions that businesses encounter or choose to believe when looking to go eco-friendly. From what your employees think and attempting to use revenue as an excuse to thinking it’s a government issue.

You’ll also find our infographic on some of the green steps you can take as a business below.

Read on to find out some of the biggest misconceptions of going green we encounter from business leaders…

“It’s too expensive”

By far the most popular misconception that deters businesses from going green is that it’s too expensive – that it costs a lot of money to buy newer, energy-efficient equipment.

Nothing could be farther than the truth. Going green does not mean overhauling your business’ office. Going green actually means adopting habits that reduce non-recyclable waste or unnecessary use of resources, like water, fuel or electricity. LED lighting, for example, may still be a little more expensive but the savings over time reduce your expenditure.

This is a crucial lesson to adopt. Sometimes, going green doesn’t bring immediate benefits, it can be a long-term gain.

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If you have an air conditioning unit, you will be amazed by the impact it can have on the environment. Most organisations recommend setting the air conditioner to a temperature of between 24℃ – 26℃. Every degree below that can consume nearly 10% more energy. Using the air conditioner at the correct temperature can have significant savings in money.

Green initiatives can make a genuine contribution to both the environment and your bottom line. This will also include better employee morale, customer loyalty, and brand image. No matter your business size, claiming expense as a barrier to going green is no longer viable, especially when you adopt a long-term financial view.

“It won’t make a difference”

If everyone used this argument, we wouldn’t get anywhere or achieve anything – in life, for the environment or even politically.

Just like elections when we hear ‘every vote counts’, every tree planted, every efficient bulb fitted, every item properly recycled does count. You’ll be surprised by how much difference green initiatives do make. When you make the change to being eco-friendly, and promote those that are doing so, it spreads and encourages more to get on board.

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Every single person and business taking small steps toward a greener environment means a reduction in global energy usage and a reduced strain on natural resources. By making slight modifications to your business to reduce your carbon footprint, you actually are making a difference.

Consumers want to choose companies that care about their carbon footprint, it reflects the values of a business. Making small but significant changes to your business will go a long way. A paperless office, efficient lighting and heating, reduced travel and e-recycling are easy steps to take. Why be part of the problem when you can be part of the solution?

“Consumers, Employees & Investors Don’t Care”

While some may not believe in the climate crisis, the vast majority of us do care and want to do more – which includes buying from sustainable businesses.

According to a study by Nielsen, 66% of global consumers and 73% of millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products. Consumers are also willing to pay more for green packaging so long as sustainability is reflected in your company’s policy. Sustainability matters to consumers, especially when they choose not to support companies that don’t show a commitment to green business initiatives.

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Employees are more engaged, productive, and loyal to companies that are invested in being sustainable. This is especially true of staff that fall into the age category of millennials and Gen-Y. Employees reflect the general public and demand transparency – they want businesses to be doing their part for the environment and it applies to them when choosing to be loyal or when job-hunting. Eco responsibility matters to staff, current or new.

Investors will care about your environmental choices – especially if they see a return financially. Don’t forget, if you promote that your business is being eco-friendly, that will get positive feedback from contemporaries and customers. That, in turn, could then lead to more customers for the reason above – which will make for happy investors.

“I’ve no idea of where to start”

Not knowing how or where to start your sustainability drive is never an excuse to do nothing – particularly when there are so many helpful resources.

The sources available to you from which you can get eco-friendly ideas and information to apply to your business is almost endless. You can watch videos, check government websites for advice, attend events, sign-up for newsletters, join forums or ask people in your network.

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There is information dedicated to helping large and small companies to become more sustainable, you just need to find it and use it. One source you may have overlooked is your employees – they may have their own ideas for going green. It’s an untapped resource.

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