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Buy organic and fair trade products #OneWorldChange

Tip – Buy organic and fair trade products  #OneWorldChange

ORganic Fair Trade goods

Buying organic products is a continual topic of debate as scientists release research to prove or disprove its worth.  It is however easy to say the evidence strongly points towards organic food being better for the environment as well as ourselves.  Hence, why don’t you join the millions that on a daily basis are now consuming organic produce.

On a similar note the rise in Fair Trade products continues.  But how will buying Fair Trade coffee and Tea for the office make a difference?  Firstly the humanitarian viewpoint is that farmers in impoverished areas which are often in conflict zones are given a fair price for their valued goods.  Keeping them in the industry of agriculture ensures land is retained for plants, trees and wildlife – there’s your green rationale.

For more green tips follow the hashtag #OneWorldChange


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