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Our Environmentally Responsible business ecards

Here at we are passionate about providing the highest quality business ecards that won’t impact the planet. Therefore, if you are looking for an environmentally responsible card supplier to advertise your company then you should make us your only port of call.
Did you know that 31 cards, on average, are being sent per person each year? The UK has a population of around 63,000,000 people alone. That’s a lot of cards. Now, think about the annual deforestation of hundreds of thousands of trees that could offset C02 emissions.
And what happens to the cards once an occasion or event is over? They’ll be thrown in the bin – with many people failing to effectively recycle them. This has to stop – and that’s what we here at eCo2greetings are trying to do. Our aim is to reduce deforestation while investing in new forestation to create a brighter future for the Earth.
We will plant 10 trees on behalf of your company for every corporate e card you buy from us. You can trust that we’re true to our word as we only work with global suppliers who are non profit organisations, and they will plant trees across woodland areas and cities across the world. For further peace of mind, you can relax in the knowledge that one of your trees will offset approximately 1 tonne of CO2 throughout its lifetime.
Not only will the trees help reduce CO2 emissions, but they will also preserve natural habitats for essential wildlife and protect areas from flooding. Therefore, you can be proud that you’re doing your bit for planet Earth.
It’s important that companies, not only in the UK but across the globe, do their bit for the environment. This means taking action when it comes to reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint and encouraging your customers and clients to follow suit. Our business Christmas ecards are therefore a positive way to convey your good wishes during a particular holiday or event, whilst demonstrating that you’re an environmentally responsible company.
We can provide corporate e cards for a variety of occasions, such as Christmas and Easter. You can choose from an array of stunning designs that will complement your company’s image, and they can effectively express the message you want to convey. You can even upload your company logo and signature to truly personalise the e card. You can even add music!
So, if there is one change you make this year in regards to your carbon footprint then make sure you come to us for superb business ecards.

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