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Print cards vs ecards

Sending cards can be a great way for businesses to get back in touch with customers and get their name back out there, and with both print cards and corporate ecards being readily available there’s more choice than ever before. But just which option would be best for your business? We’re here to help you make your mind up…

Why choose print cards?

Print cards are the traditional option, and in sending a card of this nature you’re giving customers something physical that they can keep hold of. It seems a lot more tangible and could be viewed more favourably in the eyes of some consumers, particularly those that aren’t particularly conversant with modern technology, and they can often still be designed according to individual requirements to ensure they fit the bill. They can be ideal for a whole range of occasions and are particularly popular during the holiday season, getting your business noticed in a highly effective manner.

The rise of e cards

But, e cards are rapidly gaining popularity. They’re taking demand away from traditional greeting cards with it being estimated that greeting card revenue will drop by 6% every year for the next 5 years, with ecards picking up the difference. They’ve got advantages from a business perspective as well—they can be easily tailored to be the perfect reflection of your brand and are highly cost-effective as well, not only in terms of their cheaper initial cost but the fact they can be sent via email rather than having to be physically posted means you’ve got a totally free delivery system too.

Making the right decision

So, which one should you pick? Well, traditional cards might still be used in a lot of situations but for the ideal mix of cost-effectiveness and convenience you really can’t go wrong with corporate e cards, and if you want to see the difference for yourself you need to get in touch. Here at eC02 Greetings we fully believe in the power of the e card to boost your business presence and your profile in one go, getting your name out there and helping you reconnect with customers, and with our bespoke design service you could soon have your Christmas ecards ready and waiting to be sent out.

The experts in holiday ecards for business

We specialise in the holiday ecards for business industry and have plenty of different templates for you to choose from, but our full customisation service means you’ll be left with cards that are truly your own. It’s the perfect cost-effective yet convenient solution to your holiday card needs, and as an added bonus you’re cutting down your carbon footprint too. This in itself can be enough reason to give e cards a go, particularly when you consider a lot of consumers place environmental awareness high on their list of priorities, so if you’re weighing up the option of print cards or e cards you can stop right there—e cards are most definitely the way forwards. 

Eco 2 Greetings is here to help your business with our selection of high-quality eco-friendly eCards – you can quickly design your own with a choice of templates available, choose from our range of Premium eCards which will include animation, or get something extra special with our completely bespoke eCard service!

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