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Sending Out Business Christmas Ecards Makes Good Sense

Sending out business Christmas ecards could be an important part of forging or building on business relationships. It is important to show you are thinking about not just your clients, but also your employees and business associates too. While economic times might still be tough, sending out those corporate holiday e cards can help to improve business.
For your employees, Christmas is an extra special time. Not only are they looking forward to the festivities just like the rest of us, but they are also looking forward to some well-earned time off work! A lot of businesses have extra work on during the seasonal period, so reward your employees with a ‘thank you’ via a holiday card that expresses your gratitude and appreciation. Sending out a card will show your staff that they are valued and is more likely to inspire loyalty on their part in return.
Think about your business partners, suppliers and other business associates when planning your holiday card list. If you’re in the middle of brokering a deal with someone, this might just be the push they need to sign on the dotted line. Christmas is a time when emotions and feelings are running high, so take advantage of that sentimentality that’s in the air and show that you are a business which cares.
When it comes to your customers, they also need to be reminded that they are on your wavelength. Take this opportunity to simply thank them for their business over the course of the year, rather than working on the hard sell. Of course, a by-line to mention your January sale wouldn’t go amiss either!
Modern technology has made creating quality and bespoke Christmas ecards for business really easy. By choosing to work with a leading Christmas ecards business this year, you can quickly and easily personalise your cards to be sent out to these different groups of people. We know that your cards to your employees won’t usually contain the same message that you want to send out to your clients. Creating an e card gives you the opportunity to change your design and wording with just a few taps of the keyboard.
What’s more, corporate holiday e cards can save you money on paper, printing and postage costs. It was estimated that the total number of Christmas cards sent out last year fell by a quarter in the UK thanks to the hefty stamp price rise introduced by Royal Mail last April – the price of a first class stamp rose a whopping 14p, from 46p to 60p. With everyone experiencing the pinch, it is easy to see how sending a holiday card electronically can make more financial sense, particularly for businesses, who send out hundreds of Christmas greetings.
We offer various packages when it comes to designing your cards. Choose from one of our 70 professional template designs and add your logo, signature and message to reflect your band, or we can even accommodate your own design, incorporating a photo or image of your own.

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