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Simple bulb replacement that can dramatically cut your energy bill #OneWorldChange


Tip – Replace inefficient halogen & incandescent bulbs for low enegy LED and fluorescent. #oneworldchange

Green Lighting

In many cases you don’t have to completely redo your lighting system if you want to benefit from the wide availability of energy efficient fluorescent tubes and most recently, the commercial production of LED in many fittings and sizes.

These bulbs are ‘plug and play’ in the sense that they use the same fitting as the bulb replaced, so it’s a low impact and low maintenance solution. Wattage savings can be considerable, especially when replacing 50w or higher halogens with 4w LEDs!

You need to take advice on replacement of bulbs on dimmer switches to get the right solution and make sure to match luminosity so you maintain the level of light.

Here’s a good article on how to choose energy efficient lighting for your workplace

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