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Why Small Charities Should Send eCards at Christmas

Christmas is a busy time of year, especially if you’re a small charity. 

You’re likely up to your eyeballs with day-to-day operations and fundraising events, making it harder to focus on tasks associated with the festive season. 

So, if you’re looking for a smoother way of sending out seasonal greetings – why not consider Christmas eCards? 

If you’re interested in learning more about Christmas eCards and why you should switch to online greetings as a small charity, keep reading…

You’ll be able to use your mailing list 

As a small charity, you’ll most likely already have access to an extensive mailing list. So, why not use it to your advantage? 

When you use a Christmas eCard service, you’ll be able to ensure everyone on that list is contacted with a lovely online seasonal greetings card. 

Plus, if they’re subscribed to your mailing list, you can be certain they’re a supporter of who you are and what the charity stands for. So, who better to send a seasonal greeting card to? 

eCards are cost-effective 

It’s no secret that raising funds for operations when you’re a small charity is no easy task. And finding ways to save your charity money is always a bonus, no matter how small. 

When you use a Christmas eCard service, you’re cutting out all the costs associated with distributing traditional Christmas cards. These costs can include: 

  • The time you or your employees spend writing and organising traditional Christmas cards for dispatch. 
  • The cost of physical Christmas cards. 
  • The postage fees. 

With a Christmas eCard, all you’ll need to do is budget for the eCard itself. So, you’re cutting out all those costly middle-man charges! 

They’re an effective way to market your charity

Brand awareness is essential for small charities, and a Christmas eCard is a great opportunity to reinforce your charity’s values and the work you do. They’ll likely drive support, too. 

A Christmas eCard that includes a small reminder message with information about your hard work may be warmly received. Plus, it may even lead to a donation or being shared with family and friends.  

In addition, a Christmas eCard isn’t just a great way to show appreciation to those who support your charity. It’s also an ample opportunity to show the faces of those who work behind the scenes, dedicating their time and effort to make a difference. 

 At eCO2 Greetings, charities will have the opportunity to customise Christmas eCards to include branding, charity logos, user-supplied imagery and personal messaging. 

Click here for more information on our Christmas eCard services. 

You can share your Christmas eCard on social platforms

Following on from the above, you’ll also be able to share your Christmas eCard creation on your charity’s social media platforms. Simply upload it as you would any other post!

If you’ve spent time customising your Christmas eCard, you’ll likely want to share it far and wide for everyone to see.

Plus, sharing your Christmas eCard on social media will ensure everyone sees it, as your followers may not be subscribed to your mailing list. 

What’s more, there are no limitations on which platforms you can upload your Christmas eCard creation too. So, whether you’re operating on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (or all of them!), you’ll have no problem sharing the festive cheer. 

They’re kinder to the environment 

Opting for a Christmas eCard is a superb way of strengthening your reputation, retaining support and improving your environmental impact. 

As a charity, it’s always important to find more sustainable methods. A Christmas eCard service can be added to the social responsibility section of your website, as it’s a step in the right direction when it comes to caring for our environment. 

For example, there won’t be any additional CO2 impacts associated with distribution operations (e.g. postal service delivery) of traditional Christmas cards. 

In addition to the above, Christmas card manufacturing, packaging and postal stamps are all driving forces behind deforestation. So, by choosing a Christmas eCard service instead, you’ll stop contributing to deforestation implications associated with seasonal greetings cards. 

Everyone is guaranteed to receive your Christmas eCard

During the festive season, there’s nothing more frustrating than spending time, money and effort on Christmas cards – for them to then be lost in the mail. 

When you choose to use a Christmas eCard service instead, recipients receiving your creation is guaranteed. As long as you have the correct contact information (e.g. your mailing list), they will receive your eCard as soon as you hit send. 

You’ll have more time to focus on important tasks

When you’re working for a small charity, chances are you can never seem to find enough time in the day to get everything you want to get done, done. With a Christmas eCard service, you’ll free up precious time to focus on more important matters.

Gone are the days of spending hours writing and posting traditional cards! With Christmas eCard creation, you’ll be welcomed with a straightforward process, and you’ll be able to send it out to your recipients in one go.

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