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The Advantages of Holiday E Cards for Business

With the advances in modern technology, there are numerous ways for businesses to communicate with their customers. Sending out quality corporate e cards is just one way by which you can get your message across, even if that message is just a gentle reminder of the services or products you provide.
Now more than ever before, it is important for companies to stand out from their crowd of competitors. Online trading has provided customers with a much bigger marketplace of businesses to choose from, and with financial hardship a very real factor affecting consumers, businesses have to do all they can to attract sales and retain customers. Going that extra mile by letting customers know that you’re thinking of them without having to push for a hard sale shows that you’re a company that values their loyalty and can show they care.
So why should you consider sending out holiday e cards for business? There are multiple reasons, so let’s take a look at just a few.
1. They appeal to consumers’ preferred means of communication. Most adults and children now use the internet daily and prefer to receive communications via email and social media sites. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, emails can also be read anywhere, meaning your customers can access your message practically whenever and wherever they are in the world. You’ll also show your company to be a modern and forward-thinking business by using modern marketing strategies.
2. E cards are low cost, which is good if your business is also suffering in the economic crisis. With last year’s enormous increase in postage costs, sending out direct mail can be a huge expense, particularly when sent to a whole client database. Electronic communication is a much more affordable way for businesses to communicate with their customers. Our e cards are also designed to be compatible for viewing on smartphones and tablets, so your customers won’t have to download apps in order to see what you’ve sent.
3. They are easy to create. You don’t need to employ the services of an artist or graphic designer to produce a quality e card. We have plenty of stylish templates for you to choose from, so all you have to do is add some finishing personal touches. Saving large amounts of time on card design means you’ll also be saving your business further money, and freeing your staff up to concentrate on more important tasks. Our holiday e cards offer you a choice of over 70 professional designs, plus 40 background pages and even an optional 40 music tracks.
4. Communicating electronically is environmentally-friendly. Rather than cutting down trees to produce paper for thick, glossy cards, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint by sending your message down the electronic super highway – something which is of great concern to every business these days. What’s more, we even plant an EXTRA 10 trees for every card sent!
5. Showing your appreciation to your customers cannot be undervalued. Providing good customer service is one of the easiest ways of retaining customers and continually making sales. By sending your customers a holiday e card, you’re sending them a positive message about your company.  Surely that is more than enough evidence why we are the leading ecards for business supplier.

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