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Some of the Most Unusual Ways to Use an eCard

For most, sending out a Christmas message is a traditional (and conventional way) of letting those around you know you’re thinking of them over the festive season.

But, have you ever wondered whether there were more unusual ways to use a Christmas eCard? Well, you’re in the right place. 

There are plenty of ways you can use a Christmas eCard to spread the festive cheer, and you may be surprised by a few (if not all) of them. 

Read on to find out the most unusual ways to use an eCard over the festive period…

Christmas cards for pets 

Did you know that approximately 69 million households across America own at least one dog? Well, what better way to spread the festive cheer than by incorporating a doggy-themed visual into your Christmas eCard? After all, it’s certain to go down a treat! 

There are so many ways you’ll be able to do this. For example, if you have a dog – why not feature your four-legged friend on the front cover? 

Or, if you’re planning on sending out your Christmas eCard to the internal team, you’ll likely be able to do a little research into their pets for a personalised touch. For example, a collage of all your colleague’s pets as the front cover! More personalised the better, we say. 

Christmas cards for toddlers 

Do your recipients have children? Or, maybe you’re looking to send out a separate, additional batch of eCards for little ones to ensure no one is left out? 

It’s no secret that toddlers adore watching cartoons, and what better way to put a smile on their faces than by sending out an animated eCard? 

This way, you’ll really be able to translate to the recipients you care and have thoughtfully prepared seasonal greetings, not only for them but for their little ones too. Of course, we’d keep this idea reserved for those you’re more familiar with – for example, close colleagues and loved ones. 

Christmas eCards for communities 

Another wonderful (albeit unusual) way of using an online eCard service is to send out seasonal greetings to your community. This could be a local group you’re a part of or even your neighbourhood – just make sure you have their email addresses! 

Have you ever tried to send out Christmas cards to your community? Chances are you haven’t, or if you have, it wasn’t as straightforward as you may have once hoped. 

If you’d like to send out a Christmas eCard to your community, what better way to do that than online? Every one of your recipients will receive the eCard simultaneously and you won’t have to worry about anyone’s card getting lost in the mail! 

Send an eCard to your office building 

You may not speak to the other businesses in your office building, but, the Christmas season has a way of bringing everyone together. So, if you’re set on spreading the festive cheer this year, why not send out a Christmas eCard to the whole building? 

This is a superb way of breaking the ice (if you’re new to the building) or building further relationships with other companies. 

Send an eCard game instead 

If you’re looking for something a little more outside of the box, we would highly recommend swapping out your regular Christmas eCard for an interactive game instead. 

If you know your recipients would enjoy this unusual eCard over a standard Christmas eCard with messaging, we’re certain an interactive game would be a wonderful way of spreading joy. Plus, you’ll have the option to personalise a game at ECO2 Greetings, and they’re way more fun for all those involved. 

For example, we offer a variety of cheerful Christmas eCard games and themes to choose from. And, if you can’t quite decide which format to go with, you’ll have the option to incorporate both. A personalised message, and an eCard game! 

Send an eCard to your competitors 

Of course, this would be a slightly tongue-in-cheek type of Christmas eCard – but if you believe it’ll be received well, why not? 

For example, our Snowball Mania eCard game would be an awesome way of sharing some lighthearted fun with your fellow competitors in your field. Both sides will be able to throw animated snowballs at one another with your team and their team’s faces displayed on the snowmen. 

Alternatively, you could simply send out an eCard to all competitors with your employee’s faces on the front, so they can see how awesome you all are. This will show a playful side of your business, and it’s always a good idea to keep your enemies close! 

Send an eCard to the military 

Our troops can be away from their families and friends defending our country over the Christmas season, which is tough. But did you know that there are multiple organisations out there that help kind strangers send out Christmas cards to our military? 

For example, United Soldiers and Sailors of America offers a programme that can help you with getting your Christmas message to the soldiers who are overseas over the Christmas season. 

This isn’t the only organisation, so if you’re interested in sending out an eCard as a mark of appreciation and support – you’ll find plenty of other incredible places online that’ll help you get your message where it needs to go.

We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering some of the most unusual ways to use an eCard. If you’re interested in sending out your very own batch of Christmas eCards this year, check out the rest of our website for incredible eCard options at great prices. 

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