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What can your company do to reduce their footprint besides holiday e cards for business


The decision to purchase eCO2 Greetings holiday e cards for business and with them plant trees on behalf of your company as a means of reducing your carbon footprint is an excellent step to make.  It should however not be considered the only step and should be accompanied by other eco friendly measures.


Such measures include:


Cutting emissions – If your company is in the manufacturing industry you should look to source more eco friendly means of powering your production line e.g. low energy, renewable energy.  Your company could look to minimise production hours and operate at full efficiency.


Company cars – Where your business offers cars to senior employees, you could look to source low emission models.  NB – you will probably save money in the running costs too.


Encouraging car share schemes – Your employees will travel to work each day separately in their cars unless you incentivise them car sharing.  You may well get tax benefits from smaller company car lots.


Utilising materials that are less risky to the environment – This is self explanatory but your companys reputation will soar if you are avoiding the toxic materials that may have previously been the norm in your industry.


Saving paper – Paper free offices and production lines are much easier these days with the use of Laptops, PDAs, blackberries etc.  Of course holiday e cards for business are the best tool to save on paper at Christmas time.


Saving Energy – Turn all PCs & Monitor off each evening.  Have monitors on standby when left alone for 10 minutes or more.


Going with eco friendly suppliers – Not only will these significantly enhance your reputation but you quite often save time and money yourself in doing so.  eCO2 Greetings holiday e cards for business offer the opportunity to save vast amounts of paper whilst planting trees on behalf of your organisation.


So whilst considering the areas that your company can improve on its environmental front why not make the easy step of going with Business E Cards with eCO2 Greetings?

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