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Why Your Business Still Needs to Send eCards

If, with rising costs of postage and concerns over the amount of time it takes to send cards, your organisation is feeling ambivalent about continuing to greet clients and suppliers at times of year like Christmas, read this before you abandon the idea altogether:

•    A greeting card establishes you in a good light, and embeds you in your client or potential client’s mind in a positive way.
•    Cards are a good way of solidifying your existing client base. Your clients will be delighted you have put in the time and effort into greeting them, and this could lead to referrals, however indirectly, further down the road.
•    Remember that cards aren’t marketing – you are putting a personal message rather than an ad in front of your customers.
•    The impression you leave with your clients, thanks to your cards, will mean they think of you more quickly next time they require the products or services you offer.
•    Cards are also the ideal way to announce that you are moving to a new location, or, perhaps have a milestone anniversary coming up for your business. You can communicate this information in a highly organised way.
•    With a well-designed card, you can rise above the corporate clamour of your competitors and reach out in a way that’s personal and appreciated. You will add a new dimension to your networking practices, and build great client relationships.

If you’re worried about the time and expense involved in sending cards, business Christmas e cards are the ideal affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative which send out an extremely positive “green” message about your business.

Why Choose eCO2 Greetings?

At eCO2 Greetings, we are a specialist Christmas ecards business having been in the industry and served thousands of global enterprises.

We don’t have any hidden costs, and in fact what we offer is cheaper than just about every other leading provider. We also have a team of support agents who can help you before and after you make your purchase.

At the same time, we have the capacity to help you even if you decide to send your digital cards at the last minute (it happens to the best of us!)  – even as late as Christmas Eve.

As if swapping cardboard cards for electronic versions wasn’t eco-friendly enough, we’ll even plant 10 trees for every e card you send through us. We’ll also give you the chance to have more trees planted if you wish.

Your cards can be as personalised as you want them to be – upload your business logo along with other contact details. Given that we can offer you up to four pages of your card, there’s plenty of room for everything!

Change font type, size and colour and upload handwritten signatures. You can supply us images as well. Choose from one of our many corporate ecards on offer, or let us build you a bespoke card for your organisation.

We’ll keep sending you drafts until you are happy, and you certainly can’t do that with a “real” card!

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