Autumn Forest

The Autumn Forest is a cheerful design that would make an ideal Thanksgiving holiday ecard for friends or family. The design for this wonderfully captures a beautiful landscape that has a beautiful dream like quality to it. Almost like the forest is straight out a charming childrens fairy tale. The use of the sun like in previous Thanksgiving holiday ecards for business designs is again a very important feature of the design and is once again put to great use in this Thanksgiving holiday ecard. The rays of light beautifully bask the whole forest in a magical glow which will make you feel instantly warmer. The different hues of orange and yellow blend together effortlessly and create a landscape so beautiful that you will want to step right through the electronic christmas cards for business and feel that warm glow against your skin. And as a little extra you can also add a wonderful falling leaves animation to this scene. Why not close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in that fairy tale forest right now. Now you can pass that great feeling on to friends and business associates and add your own personal message to this dreamy design to give it that extra personal touch.  

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