Autumn Lake

You will be hard pushed to find holiday ecards for business that perfectly sums up the essence of autumn and the thanksgicing holiday period like this one does. The reflection of the trees in the glass like lake is quite exquisite, and the clarity so intense you can almost smell the pine trees in the background. This is the kind of autumn scene everyone admires, and to be sent it in an ecard is very welcome. Autumn is one of the most picturesque of seasons but depending on where you live you may not be able to experience the changes as summer slips away for another year. Look at the sky, that unique light that comes from this holiday time of year, and even though the sun is shining you know that water will be freezing. These electronic christmas cards for business are a great way of sending somebody the true beauty of autumn to brighten their day if they are surrounded by grey and miserable weather. Click on preview to see this e-card in all it's Autumn Glory with leaves falling and music playing in the ground. You can also add your own text to the scene to make it personal to the recipient. This ecard will brighten up your clients business day.

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