Bauble Beach

Another of our designs that flips the idea of of the holiday period upside down! Christmas, usually associated with a cold, snowy winter, is reimagined here as three red baubles sit peacefully on a sunny beach. ‘Bauble Beach’ is one of our huge range of corporate Christmas ecards. Sitting on a sun-soaked cobbled beach in this holiday ecards for business are three red baubles, tow of which are the same, hooped design. The other, however, has a bit more of a romantic air to it, formed in the shape of a heart. These romantic red decorations juxtapose nicely with the rolling waves and golden beach in the background. The scene is peaceful, warm, and somewhere we wouldn’t necessarily associate with Christmas straight away, and maybe that’s why this ecard is such a good seller. The design comes with a personal message of your choosing at the top of the ecard, as well as sparkle effects over the baubles. Consider adding a second, third and fourth page to your ecard to include corporate messages and contact details. ‘Bauble Beach’ is one of many fun and interesting designs found in our electronic holiday cards for business portfolio, as well as more traditional and contemporary business holiday ecards.

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