Bauble in the Snow

As the saying often goes, “less is more”. That is clearly the case with our ‘Bauble in the snow’ holiday ecards for business, pictured here. A famous item of Christmas is the simple, spherical bauble, seen here in the classic Christmas colour of red. Memories of hanging the Christmas tree with all sorts of decorations in the lead up to December 25th can be rekindled once again with the design of this thought-provoking of e cards. Pictured just to the left of centre is the main focus of the design, a snow-sprinkled red bauble. The bauble is a simple round design, with a gold thread hanging it from the tree. Poking from the left of the image is the tree itself, covered in snow with a few green needles visible. Behind this scene, snow can be seen falling gracefully in the holiday background. The image subtly blends from the right of the bauble into a simple white background, upon which your own personal message can be written. The card also includes a second, third and fourth page – each of which are optional – to add team signatures, messages, corporate logos are any other information of your choosing. ‘Bauble in the snow’ is one of many elegant corporate Christmas ecards that can be found in our portfolio.


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