You'll see lots of e Christmas cards for business in the eCO2 Greetings portfolio featuring baubles but fear not because they're all very different. This simply titled Baubles ecard features three very high quality gleaming baubles lying on a fluffy white rug. The Baubles are colored in a deep blue and shiny silver which not only perfectly contrast each other but also are perfect winter colors. Just looking at these gleaming baubles brings to mind feelings of winter and snow which are perfect reminders of the Christmas holiday season. The baubles are also decorated with small snowflakes which only serve to add to the winter theme this ecard captures. The gleaming deep blue bauble in the  foreground is the main focus of the ecard design while the other two baubles are slightly out of focus in the background, combined with the soft white rug this creates a slightly dreamy scene. This Christmas greetings ecard can also be further enhanced with a lovely sparkle animation that add subtle sparkles to the bauble in the foreground which creates a more magical and wondrous image. If this isn't what you're looking for in terms of color then we have many other similar designs available as we pride ourselves on the Christmas ecards for business of choice.

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