Birthday Cake

If you are looking for a birthday ecard that is more original than the usual tat people send then you won't go far wrong with this delightful birthday cake ecard. The close up image of the multi coloured polka dot candles with their flickering flames is very cool. Watch it for a bit and you can almost see the flame moving, and you are forgiven for wanting to bend forward and blow them out while making a wish. Corporate ecards may not seem personal to some but to be honest they are going to last a longer, and be remembered for an awful lot longer, than the cardboard cards that clutter up the home for a couple of days and then wind up in the recycling bin. If you are think it's all a bit 2D considering the technology available today click on preview; now how pretty is that? This is a lovely ecard that would be appreciated by both sexes and makes a welcome change from jokes about age and images of beer or wine; yawn. You cannot go wrong with an ecard, and there are few better examples of a birthday ecard than this little beauty.  Many businesses are turning to sending ecards on occasions outside of the usual corporate Christmas ecards and this ecard offers just that opportunity.

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