Birthday Scrabble

Sending an appropriate birthday card to a work colleague can be a tricky business. You want something tacky but at the same time don't want anything tasteless of over familiar as you would send a close friend or business associate. This is where corporate ecards really come into their own. Sent and delivered via email, these a quick, easy and fun way to send a birthday greeting so someone you work with, or a business associate or client you have got to know through the course of your work. There are many styles to choose from when it comes to birthday ecards and if you know that the recipient is a fan of word puzzles then this Birthday Scrabble ecard will be greatly appreciated. It is striking in its simplicity, with a plain white background and Scrabble tiles spelling out the words Happy Birthday. It even has the value of the letters in the bottom corner just like in the game. As an extra touch which adds to its aesthetic value, the tiles are all a bit askew, as they invariably end up being on a Scrabble board. You can add a message to the card too which can be as personal or generic as you please, making this an altogether more convenient way of sending a birthday greeting. If your company would like to send an impressive ecard to their clients this holiday Christmas period then check out our electronic holiday cards for business.

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