Birthday Wish

You will send more birthday wishes than anything else during the course of a year and trying to find a card that suits everyone is a long and, let’s be honest, boring task. Ecards these days are so, well, boring. They are all so alike that finding something original is harder than ever. You have the attempts at humour, the alcohol related one, the flowery cottages that shouldn't be sent to anyone younger than 80 and those that are just plain tacky. If you want to send birthday wishes to somebody you work with or do business with the choice is even less, especially if you are looking for something altogether more contemporary. This is where our business ecards come into their own. They are the ideal solution to send birthday greetings to somebody you work with. This simple Birthday Wish ecard boasts an image of 3 daisies with a Happy Birthday tag on a length of thin fabric. It is simple, it is succinct, yet gets the message across perfectly. You can also personalise it with your own words, and anyone who is having to spend their birthday behind a desk will be overjoyed to receive an email containing this exquisite Birthday Wish ecards for business purposes. If your business is looking to reduce its carbon footprint this Christmas time then sending one of our Christmas ecards for business is well worth a look.

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