British Christmas

We all know it is rare to see a white Christmas in the UK and when we do finally manage to get one you just know the famous British rain is going to show up and wash it all away sooner or later (likely sooner). While this may seem a little gloomy you can be rest assured that this is a charming little window into the more traditional UK Christmas and you know what it is not gloomy at all it is just quintessentially British the only thing missing is a steaming cup of tea or maybe even an Aston Martin or Mini Cooper parked in the background. The main focal part of this Christmas greetings ecard is without doubt the Union Jack umbrella which is a wonderful contrast to the white sky and snow covered ground. The design also lovingly captures Tower Bridge in the background and with an added falling snow animation you can create your own little London snow globe. Although this would make business Christmas ecards for your clients especially to send to friends who may live across the pond, it would also make a wonderful ecard that would be perfective for any British business. As a British based business ourselves, eCO2 Greetings believe we are the leading Christmas ecards for business globally.

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