Canadian Rockies

So we go from the UK to Canada, this glorious shot of the famous Canadian Rockies is breathtaking in its simplicity. The beautiful shot of the snowy mountains would not look place out of place on a high quality holiday greeting postcard. The striking deep red of the Canadian flag is beautifully distinctive against the cloudy blue sky line and the iconic red maple leaf is a real eye catcher. The snowy peaks of the Canadian Rockies themselves are captured brilliantly in this professional photograph, which makes a great alternative to more traditional holiday ecards for business. This striking piece of the Canadian landscape makes a great choice for holiday ecards that will have the added bonus of give friends and family a taste of your home Country. The already breathtaking shot of the Canadian Rockies can be made even more festive by adding a beautiful dreamy falling snow animation that makes this ecard design even more eye catching. The falling snow animation helps conjure up a warm holiday feel to this ecard. And even though this design would make great email Christmas cards for business for your company, this design would also be the perfect choice for any Canadian business looking for some Christmas festive ecards to email to their clients. 

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