Candles in the Snow

Candles in the snow is a brilliant design that combines both soft and warm colours for the ultimate corporate holiday ecards design. This enchanting holiday design is one of the more simple designs in the eCO2 portfolio and uses a combination of both warm and cold colour palettes combined with striking animation effects that seamlessly meld together to create a brilliant intimate e Christmas cards for business design that will be sure to warm heart. The first thing that will no doubt catch your eye in this lovely festive design are the shimmering lights effects on the candle which create a realistic fire effect which will instantly warm your heart. This mixes wonderfully with the gently falling snow animation and will instantly take you back to candle lit Christmas eves. Another clever festive touch is the candles are shaped and designed to look like traditional high quality Christmas baubles which further adds to this dreamy Christmas greetings ecard design. The personal and charming nature of this design would make it the ideal Christmas card to send to friends or close relatives, business associates especially if they're having a really cold Christmas or holiday season. Why not give it a try by adding your own personal holiday message right now.

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