Champagne Party

The Christmas holiday period is known in most companies as party time, but there are parties and then there are champagne parties. Far removed from the ubiquitous office Christmas party that many dont remember and some wish they did not remember, this beautifully tasteful ecard depicts the ideal: an elegant, perfectly presented celebration of success as well as a gesture of beneficence and good will. A champagne bottle nestles in its ice bucket, with two crystal flutes of golden bubbly; tastefully wrapped packages lie nearby ready to be opened as champagne is sipped and happy holiday toasts are exchanged. As a salutation and expression of good wishes for the season and the future, this one is ideal for anyone sending corporate holiday ecards to close associates and business partners. Tiny stars twinkling on the branches of a miniature tree in the background and in the air above add even more sparkle to the occasion.  The luxurious connotations of champagne served in style cannot fail to bring a smile to the face of any recipient. These beautifully designed business Christmas ecards are sure to be a winner with sophisticated CEOs and their associates; it exemplifies without flaunting an aura of confidence and success.

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