Christmas Cabin

Christmas movies are full of scenes in an old log cabin over the festive period, with an open log fire and the family gathered around eating Christmas dinner together. This eCO2 Greetings Christmas ecards for business design is a true image of Christmas. The design itself makes use of a range of colour to fully capture the perfect woodland Christmas scene. The main focus of the image is the log cabin itself, pictured in the lower portion of the ecard towards the right-hand side. The cabin is one of the only sources of light in the design, with the other being the moon. The cabin, made of logs, sits on a hillside and provides the coziest Christmas retreat possible. Under the night sky are darkened fir trees in the distance, setting the scene for a woodland picture. Snow covers the ground, and the moon sitting high in the sky looks down glistening the snow with its light. This is a corporate design we’re particularly proud of at eCO2 Greetings, and we would love you to share it with your clients or business partners. If this isn’t quite the right ecard, though, our enormous portfolio boasts hundreds of corporate Christmas ecards to choose from.

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