Christmas Town

Christmas is a special holiday of the year a celebration of many different things and our Christmas Town design is the perfect example of our Christmas ecards for business. The ecard encapsulates a beautiful dreamy Christmas scene. The main feature being a beautiful shining Christmas tree with a twinkling star on top. The tree is flanked by glowing lampposts and colored fir trees the colors blend seamlessly and spots of light from the tree and lampposts are very striking against the black background. The pure black background is another noticeable feature of this ecard design the black is bold and allows the lampposts and Christmas tree to seem like they are floating in the air, which makes the landscape appear more dream like and magical. The real eye catcher in this ecard design though comes from the hypnotic dreamy glow that comes from the foreground. The photographer expertly captures the shimmering reflection of the landscape giving this design a further dream like quality that serves as a real eye catcher.  With its expert use of muted colors and hypnotic lighting this business Christmas ecards design would be great for friends or family but would also make a suitable corporate or business Christmas ecards. 

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