Christmas Tree Black

Fir trees, with their spreading lower branches tapering up to a steeple-like tip, have become one of the most recognized and beloved symbols of Christmas all over the world. This perfectly formed tree, glowing softly with white lights mirrored in the black surface on which it stands, appears to be the focal point of a rainbow shower of blue lights and white stars. The vivid contrast of glossy black, bright white and radiant blue is a beautiful example of elegant simplicity. Depending upon the observer, the shower of light may be emanating from the star at the tree's tip or from an unseen source at the forefront of the picture; either way it evokes a sense of exhilaration and excitement. If you are searching for the right image to project on e Christmas cards for business, this might be the one for you. It would be perfect for your forward-thinking, unconventional business associates and providers, making an indelible impression that draws attention to it grace and simplicity combined with the brilliant contrast of sparkling light out of darkness. If you choose to add further information about ecological measures to plant ten trees for each one sent, the message is underscored in a truly classic manner, and your company will be remembered long after a traditional greeting card is forgotten.  As the leading Christmas ecards for business we have lots more ecards to choose from if this doesnt quite hit the spot.

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