Christmas Tree

“Christmas Tree, oh, Christmas Tree”, as the lyrics go. One of the most potent symbols of Christmas, the Christmas tree is a timeless piece of holiday tradition. Share the holiday spirit with your clients or partners this December with this, one in our great range of e Christmas cards for business. Decorating the tree each Christmas is what makes the beginning of the holiday season so special. The tree pictured here is no exception: it was lovingly decorated with a whole range of colourful ornaments and lights. Sat in a snowy meadow, this Christmas tree sits brightly in front of a row of fir trees. Perhaps the most pleasing decoration on this tree is the input from nature itself, as snow has fallen to add to what was already shaping up to be the perfectly decorated tree. Animated effects further enhance this design, as the lights on the tree flicker and glow and snow falls all around. Your personal message can be added in the top left corner, and optional second, third and fourth pages provide space for further Christmas greetings or corporate branding. Delight your clients this holiday season with a simple Christmas tree, one of eCO2 Greetings Christmas ecards for business.

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